Caring for Aging Baby Boomers Essay

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Caring for Ageing Baby Boomers

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There are a number of things that have surprised me about this report. The report avers that the economic burden associated with caring for the aging baby boomers by 2030 would not exceed the cost of raising them back in the 1960s (Knickman & Snell, 2002). I find this interesting because the cost of living has kept increasing over the years. The economy of the United States has also had to grapple with myriad gloom economic conditions over the years that finally culminated into the year 2008 economic slow down. The financial markets have severely been hit with attendant inflationary risks. I therefore find it over optimistic to say that economic burden of raising baby boomers back in the sixties would not outweigh attendant costs of caring for this aging population in 2030. It is surprising that the report indicates that the real challenge of caring for frail baby boomers would be making sure that the society develops payments and insurance systems for long-term care better than the ones currently in place (Knickman & Snell, 2002). I find this observation outrageous bearing in mind that a comprehensive health care program was rolled back way back in 2010. The Obama Care when completely rolled out will be responsive to issues that this report raises (GPO, 2013). Finally, report finding that advocated for taking advantage of advances in medicine and behavioral health to keep the elderly healthy and active is sport on. The U.S. is renowned for technologically innovations that have further advanced delivery of health care services. I don't understand why the aged should succumb to non-communicable diseases like cancer. The government devotes a lot of resources to Research and Development and this should go a long way in mitigating these NCDs.

Essay on Caring for Aging Baby Boomers Assignment

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