Caring for the Elderly Population Research Paper

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Thus, a caregiver is needed for each of the seven programs discussed above:

Reminiscence group therapy


Animal-assisted therapy

Visitor volunteer program

Wii playing program

Surfing the Net program

Indoor gardening

The volunteers will coordinate with the nursing home to provide whatever tools or equipment are needed for the program to take place. For instance, videoconferencing equipment will require computer screens/computers and Internet connectivity. The Wii playing program will require at least one Nintendo Wii console, hand-held controllers and large video screens. Animal-assisted therapy will require that the caregiver coordinate with the nursing home as well as with an animal husbandry center to obtain an animal that is trained and friendly and that can be used for this program. The visitor program can be coordinated by an informal caregiver by screening volunteers and by working with the nursing home to identify residents who would like to benefit from this programs services. The indoor gardening program can be coordinated by an informal caregiver and the nursing home as well as can the Surfing the Net program.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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The programs should be spread out over the course of one week so that there is always at least one activity taking place per day, but these programs could be conducted every day if there are enough informal caregivers to provide support for this design. As the programs themselves do not require a great deal of training or education, they can be conducted by virtually any type of informal caregiver. Indeed, the beauty of this system is that in most cases the simple good will of the community members is sufficient to allow it to come to life. Young and old can act as informal caregivers to facilitate the implementation of these programs. Each program should be held at least once per week, however, so that the elderly population has an event to look forward to each day.


Research Paper on Caring for the Elderly Population Assignment

Community-based social and health care systems can help elderly persons to reduce their feelings of isolation, depression, and removal from the community. The various programs discussed in this design are especially helpful in appealing to a wide variety of personalities and individual needs so that no matter what type of elderly person the resident is, there will be an informal caregiver there in the nursing home to help improve his or her quality of life. As these programs are easy and simple to conduct, any informal caregiver will be able to oversee their implementation.


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