Caring for the Population: Assessment Essay

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People here are habitual of eating lots of junk food; this is in sharp contrast to other states where people also enjoy tropical fruits fresh from the gardens.


After the analysis of the data and research done, I have concluded that the problem obesity in our society is due to unhealthy eating habits and heavy reliability on automation. Intense dependence on machines reflects that we as a race have also become less active physically which in turn has led us to become weak. We can be less obese and more active if and only if we do our regular work with mindful eating. We for the sake of saving time choose fast food that includes burgers, sandwiches, cakes, cokes and they do save our time but we are killing ourselves in turn. In Healthy People 2020, a domain is dedicated to nutrition and weight status that explains the importance of mindful eating. This is a problem in our community due to increase in competition. Everybody is in indirect competition with his or her colleague. And to get ahead of the other, time has to be saved and invested in work. In this struggle, our nerves are tested to their maximum and undue stress is placed upon both the mind and body. Combined, these problems lead us to the problem known as diabetes. People who are obese also have a greater likelihood of getting diabetes (LSU Health New Orleans). High use of sugar leads to diabetes as well. It is an entirely separate domain in the Healthy People, 2020 objectives and consequently of extreme importance since it can lower life expectancy up to 15 years. The only way to survive with this disease is to take enormous care, consume less sugar and exercise regularly (Healthy People, 2020).

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Historical Significance:

Essay on Caring for the Population: Assessment Assignment

Obesity wasn't a problem in the past; people were more social and ate their meals together and on time. They were usually cooked at home and were pure and fresh. Meals also comprised of all the food groups and contained a portion of vegetables most of the time. It is safe to say that the people in the remote past were "greener" than us in their eating habits. With the introduction of high-demanding jobs and the computer, people became less concentrated toward their health and became employed behind a desk, pushing papers for a large part of their lives. This has led to a drastic increase in obesity as well as diabetes. To pile on an additional problem, the fast-food industry was born around the same time.


Diabetes refers to the malfunctioning of the pancreas and obesity as the disease of the accumulation of fat in the body exceeding than the required percentage. These two problems are associated with one another and most of the times obesity is the leading reason towards diabetes. These problems make the individual drastically less healthy and more irritable. This leads to that person avoiding social contact with others. This further leads to a downward spiral in which bad habits are retained and others are lost. Disease and obesity are rising at break-neck speeds and the figures are doubling every year. The most vulnerable segment of our society is the child age group that is exposed to this unhealthy eating culture every single day at the most impressionable age of their lifetimes.


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