Caring for Populations - Assessment Essay

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There are residential communities of all kinds, from trailer parks and rural farming areas to gates communities and "McMansions" located on the water or on golf courses. Overall, there are all types of housing choices, but many of the options within the actual cities and towns are lower income in nature. The economy there is depressed, just like it is in many other areas of the country today. There are a large number of churches in Okaloosa County, because it is considered to be in the "Bible Belt" region of the United States. Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, and others are all common, but "new age" religious centers are not as prominent as they might be in more progressive areas of the country. High schools, middle schools, and elementary schools are also very prominent, as the larger number of military families means a large number of military children needing to attend school over and above the normal population of children based on the number of more permanent residents.

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There are some public transportation options, but not nearly as many as would be seen in a more metropolitan area. A set-route shuttle bus in Ft. Walton Beach and taxi service are the most common ways of getting around with a car. The biggest concerns for residents include traffic jams and accidents during tourist season, and the threat of hurricanes from June 1st to November 30th. Hurricane Season is very likely the single biggest concern for any person who lives along the Gulf Coast. It also drives up insurance rates for homes, and can make it hard to insure a dwelling that is not up to the latest codes. Overall, Okaloosa County is a big touristy down near the water, and more rural as one drives further inland. The elderly population are scattered all through the county, so the issues they face are not specific to any one town or city in the area. There are, however, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes available.


Essay on Caring for Populations - Assessment Assignment

The main concern for Okaloosa County is that older adults are not being served as well as they could. They should all have access to enough food and enough money to get their medications each month. Since the health care costs have risen so drastically in recent years, many elderly people in Okaloosa County are not able to make ends meet enough to take their medications and also eat properly. Healthy food and proper healthcare for these people is essential, but yet they are falling through the cracks. The access to what they need to live properly and safely in their later years is very important.

Historical Significance

Over time, the problems seen in the aging population have increased. Part of that has come from the way in which people move on with their fast-paced lives today. They do not seem to have any time to care for those who are aging and who may have failing minds or bodies. Part of the problem is also the large increase in elderly people who are living longer and who need more care. Medical advances have resulted in much longer lives, but people failed to think about what that would mean from economic and caregiving standpoints.


The lack of quality care, food, and medication for elderly people is a serious problem that is facing Okaloosa County and the entire country. Anyone over 65 is at risk, but the older a person gets the more difficult it is for him or her to do things and the more likely it will be that a caregiver will be required. Medical care that keeps people living longer is part of the contributing factors to this problem, not because people should die sooner but because plans were not put into place as to how to properly handle the influx of older people who are now needing skilled facilities and other caregiving options.


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Okaloosa County Profile (2012). Enterprise Florida.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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