Carter, Jimmy. Faith and Freedom: The Christian Term Paper

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Carter, Jimmy. Faith and Freedom: The Christian Challenge for the World. London, U.K.: Gerald Duckworth and Company, Ltd. August 2006

Jimmy Carter's moral views and beliefs are evident in this book where he targets seculars and orthodox evangelicals for their wrong moral policies and ethical approaches. Carter maintains that true Christian values have much to offer and they can provide the correct path to various political problems of the country including terrorism. The book opens with a long debate on terrorism and how wrong policies have resulted in increased terrorist attacks. He feels that it is due to blatant disregard for true Christian values that we witness growing social and political unrest including economic disparities between rich and poor, appalling treatment of prisoners in Iraq and inexcusable disregard for basic human rights. Carter also maintains that fundamentalism is not exclusive to other religions alone, it is found in Christianity too. He blames fundamentalist Christians for influencing foreign policy and international relations. He feels that America can renew its commitment to the ideals of freedom for all and basic respect of human life provided it is done soon and effectively.

Carter, Jimmy. Christmas in Plains: Memories. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2001

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This book is a memoir that takes us back to early years of President's life where he reminiscences about his black neighbors and Southern upbringing. Though the book talks about various Christmases including the once during and after his years in the office, it is the Christmases of early years that throw a light on President's moral upbringing. Carter doesn't ignore the intrusiveness of the press in his life but refuses to dwell too much on it. Instead the book takes into account simple pleasures of life that President encountered during various Christmases. The book does offer some insights into President's personal life but it is at best a memoir of happy recollections.

Term Paper on Carter, Jimmy. Faith and Freedom: The Christian Assignment

Carter, Jimmy. Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President. New York: Bantam, 1982.

This book is based on President's experiences during his single term in office. Jimmy Carter was one President who was not as mistrusted overseas as other modern Presidents of the country. The honest and causal manner in which this book is written attests to the fact. The book discusses the various problems faced by the President starting with the Iran hostage crisis that had remained resolved till the time he left office. The Iran… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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