Casablanca Michael Curtiz's 1943 Film Casablanca Depicts Term Paper

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Michael Curtiz's 1943 film Casablanca depicts a doomed love affair set amid an equally volatile political landscape. Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) lives in Casablanca; the reasons for his expatriation are never entirely clear. At one point in the film, Rick claims to have come to Morocco because the "waters" were good for his health. When Louis Renault (Claude Rains) points out "We're in the desert," Rick wryly replies, "I was misinformed."

Rick runs a popular jazz bar and gambling den in Casablanca; he is fully entrenched in Morocco and yet he seems a cynical and lonely man. His bar, Rick's Cafe Americain, is a hangout for everyone from political officials to black market opportunists. One day his ex-lover Ilse Lund (Ingrid Bergman) suddenly appears in Rick's Cafe, choosing it out "of all the gin joints in the world." Her appearance stirs up emotion in Rick, and passion between the two is palpable. Indeed, the on-screen romance in Casablanca is one of the most intense cinematic performances in Hollywood history and one of the defining aspects of the movie.

However, Ilse is married. Her husband, Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid), escaped from the concentration camps, leads an anti-Nazi resistance, and is now hunted by German Major Strasser (Conrad Veidt) and the other Nazi officials who hang out at Rick's Cafe. The reason why Ilsa is in Casablanca is clear: she hopes to smuggle her Czech husband to the United States and needs Rick's help. Rick happens to be in possession of the black market documentation that would allow Laszlo -- and Ilsa -- to be smuggled out of Morocco to the United States via Portugal.

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Eventually Rick agrees to help Ilsa and Laszlo, although he ultimately has to kill German Major Strasser (Conrad Veidt) to do so. Renault saves Rick from being taken in by the police. Rick tells Renault, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Casablanca's strengths include Bogart's poignant performance and the portrayal of bittersweet romance with his on-screen partner Bergman. However, the depiction of World War Two and the tension it introduces to the drama make Casablanca a rich and enduring film.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Casablanca Michael Curtiz's 1943 Film Casablanca Depicts Assignment

One of the key moments in the movie that contributes to the buildup of its magnificent tension takes place in Rick's Cafe. Renault, Major Strasser, and Herr Heinz have a conversation pertaining to the search for Laszlo. At the onset of the scene, a long shot of the bar conveys the lively ambiance Rick has created in his establishment. The cool sophistication of the jazz band and the upscale clientele contrasts with the sleaziness oft he Nazi officials who Rick meets at the table. Likewise, the cheerfulness of the bar is all but absent when the men sit down to talk.

Lighting in the scene is exemplary and includes deft use of shadows playing on the walls as the band plays. The camera closes in on the table of three men, just as Renault calls out for Rick as the latter walks by. Renault stands up to welcome the stunned, and obviously annoyed Rick, to the table. Body language is conveyed with longer shots, whereas facial expressions are conveyed via judiciously used close-ups. Mis-en-scene closely follows the thematic and character-building functions of this particular scene. For example, Strasser stands up to greet Rick with a show of respect. The camera takes in the table and its immediate surroundings. On the other hand, Heinz remains seated and scowling, his face centered in a close-up shot when he is first introduced to Rick.


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