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Computers and high-tech paraphernalia are areas where police officers are getting training. Being computer literate is very important for most people in today's society, and police officers are no exception to this rule. This is especially true now, as there are more computer crimes, and more individuals that are able to figure out ways to harm others using technology. Since the tragic events that occurred in this country on September 11, 2001, much has been done in the study and implementation of counter-terrorism tactics. Because of this, information technology has applied much of its abilities toward the idea of stopping terrorist activity and finding ways to catch terrorists before they have a chance to harm anyone. This has not always worked, and people in other countries are still being killed and injured from terrorists, car bombers, and other individuals.

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One of the most important computer usages in policing today is in the area of case management. Case management software is becoming increasingly more important in the corrections and criminal justice systems today because prisoner rehabilitation and transfer can be handled much more smoothly if it is used. Through case management, individuals that work in prisons and other detention facilities can find out at the touch of a button everything that they might need to know about a particular prisoner. In addition to basics like name, last known address, and social security number, case management software can also tell those that utilize it whether the prisoner belongs to a gang, which other gangs are rivals, if there are any members of those gangs in the prison, and so forth. This is important for very obvious reasons because putting rival gang members in the same cell could have disastrous results, both in the prison and on the streets where the rest of the gang members live.

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For the gang members that are in the prison, there would be fighting and an active desire to kill one another. Since things that happen in prison populations are often known about on the streets, a gang war could come… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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