Addictions Counselor Case Study

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¶ … Functions of an Addictions Counselor to a case study


The counseling sessions starts with inculcating a relationship between the patient and the client. Building on this evolving relationship, the client is then steered into revealing his problems slowly, his feelings and thoughts and realizes his goals at the therapy's conclusion. Scheming, shaping tactics to solve problems, assessment and follow up are all the necessary components of this process (Ranganathan & Jayaraman, n.d). CBT stands for Cognitive behavioral therapy and is employed for teaching David how to detect mood swings, situations and thoughts as well as intense desire for drugs / alcohol. The therapist assists the individual to prevent these elements in him whilst ironing out the negative thoughts permanently replacing with healthier thoughts.

Five stages of the counseling relationship

Stage 1 - Developing a therapeutic relationship with the client

The first step is the hardest which involves understanding the patient's situation, standing and perspective whilst being anti-judgmental is vitally important. At the end of the stage one, the client feels safe, comfortable and in a trustworthy environment (Ranganathan & Jayaraman, n.d).

Stage 2 - Exploring problem areas

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Addiction has its impact on all arenas of life. The addict is all the more unaware of these problems. In counseling sessions, the client talks about these aspects gradually. At the conclusion of the second stage, the patient becomes aware of his acute problems. He admits he has an addiction and begins work on it (Ranganathan & Jayaraman, n.d).

Stage 3 - Goal setting

A clear demarcation of goals gives the patient a sense of purpose and perspective whilst fueling him with a sense of drive and motivation. Goals are a clear example of a person's progress or lack of them (Ranganathan & Jayaraman, n.d).

Stage 4-Maintaining change

Case Study on Case Study of an Addictions Counselor Assignment

Being a counselor, I will ask David to stay with me, work on attaining his goals in time, push him to grow and interfere timely when he's headed in the wrong direction. When there is a period of depression then I will intervene again allowing him to gain some enthusiasm and hope (Ranganathan & Jayaraman, n.d).

Stage 5 -- Termination

The logical ending to the counseling process is termination. Counseling's success doesn't stem with temporary resolutions to solve this issues, instead should further growth of personality in order to make the client stronger and capable to dealing with his issues (Ranganathan & Jayaraman, n.d).

7. Case management

As is the case with this client, abuse started prior to his adult life, mature personality is still in its nascent stage. Now he is compelled to deal with two problems concurrently, which are as follows:

Drug abuse

The storms of childhood to adulthood

Since addiction has significant impact on multiple facets of David's life, a pool of services will enable active recovery as well as make David an able law abiding and drug free citizen. This pool of services are designed for providing motivation, engagement, tertiary treatment services at the required level and intensity whilst support services will ensure that sobriety is maintained on a long-term basis while living a normal life. Treatment is designed step-by-step for giving care in a natural order, avoid voids and reach quickly to any decline. Case management is designed specifically for this intent and purpose (Excerpts from "TIP 27: Comprehensive Case Management for Substance Abuse Treatment," n.d).

Case management is basically a pool of social service amenities, which David can access in order to recover from his substance abuse issue. Case management is all about services based on client's needs rather than vice versa. The best justification in case of case management is that it's a one stop solution for customers who are seeking services from more than one agency. Case management ends the issue of numerous referrals with one stop service. Hence, the consumers receive surefire continuity. As a one stop solution, case managers have a huge responsibility owing to their clients as well as numerous agencies with which they are collaborating (Excerpts from "TIP 27: Comprehensive Case Management for Substance Abuse Treatment," n.d).

8. Crisis management

Whilst intervening David amid crisis, for any given reason; this procedure will allow a successful intervention. Whilst remaining faithful to these guidelines, I will keep in mind that the subject could be sad, depressed, scared and unstable (Wisconsin Department of Justice Law Enforcement Standards Board, 2007).

I. Try to get David's attention.

This is the initial step. Progress can't be initiated until and unless the individual in question is paying attention to what is said. Initially, I will ensure that the subject is at least looking at me, since hearing what I say could be farfetched.

II. Check on David's perception of reality.

Crisis afflicted individual may not be able to observe and understand the reality that clearly. Hence, I will inquire David with general questions in order to assess his grip on reality (Wisconsin Department of Justice Law Enforcement Standards Board, 2007).

III. Attempt to Establish Rapport with the Person

I will do my best to remove David's doubts and allow him to have faith in me. I will use specific phrases, which are specific words said to people going to a similar crisis, such as, I am here for you and I am here to look after you (Wisconsin Department of Justice Law Enforcement Standards Board, 2007).

IV. Explain my perception of reality

It's imperative for me to understand the gravity of the situation at hand taking David in consideration, it's imperative for me to clarify the situation to David as well. It will help David differentiate between his experiences and my own experiences (Wisconsin Department of Justice Law Enforcement Standards Board, 2007).

V. Move toward resolution of the situation

Lastly, I should attempt to seek a solution to this predicament. The solution depends on the cause due to which I am there. I may have solved the current problem which could be the end of it. Solving the problem may just be the beginning since something else could come up, for instance, driving David to the hospital (Wisconsin Department of Justice Law Enforcement Standards Board, 2007).

9. Client education

Education about substance abuse assists in creating self-awareness about the causes of alcohol and drug abuse, how some substance impacts the human body and how personal relations are affected due to addiction. Education will also cover on how to tackle a colleague / family member who is afflicted with drug / alcohol abuse and how to support the said afflicted person with rehabilitation and detoxification. The education will lead to family's understanding the causes due to which drugs are used incessantly. Counseling is also included in substance abuse education. The counseling takes in consideration all parties involved such as family members, friends and colleagues. The counseling is beneficial for the family, friends and colleagues alike. The addict needs to be aware of the harmful effects of the drugs on his/her brain and body. Hence, he/she will come to realize the present damage the body is subjected to. The substance abuse education also entails treatment options, its pros and cons, so all parties involved are aware of the results beforehand (Substance Abuse Education Resources, n.d).

10. Referral

Being a counselor, I can't deal with David's claims about sexual abuse. There are multiple resources for patients in case of substance abuse treatment and other evaluations. I have contacts with agencies, civic groups, professionals, governmental bodies and community at hand to guarantee referrals, detect gaps in services, broaden the resources of the community and fill the void. I will continue to evaluate and assess the referral resources to confirm their validity and concreteness. I can also distinguish between cases where the customer can self-refer to a counselor or a proper resource. Now that I can't solve his claims regarding sexual abuse, David has been referred to other agencies, community platforms, professionals and suitable resources to fill the client's needs. I will clarify the process and language of referral for client's comprehension and follow through. The relevant information will be switched with the professional / agency to which the referral is made. All forms of confidentiality and professionals standards will be taken care of for that matter (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 1998). I will foresee the result of the referral for furthering David with support systems and community resources.

11. Report and record keeping

The substance abuse treatment is designed according to a specific measure, for instance, seriousness of the substance abuse problem, care level required-residential, in-house patient and intermediate and outpatient- service's intensity. Continuum here is designed chronologically, working its way from case finding, pretreatment to primary treatment (involving residential / outpatient) and lastly to aftercare. Case finding and pretreatment takes in consideration a broad range of activities taking place prior to a client becoming a patient of the standard treatment procedure (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 1998).

There are proper goals outlined as well as treatment activities related to every point of the continuum, customers not always fits the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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