Cedar Point Amusement Park Case Study

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Cedar point Amusement park is located in Sandusky, Ohio. It is among the world's largest and most highly rated amusement park offering ever innovative coaster thrills that can be paralleled by very few amusement parts of the kind with the ever changing thrills presented to the clients like the yet to be unveiled in 2013 winged ride known as the GateKeeper

This paper will look at the history of Cedar Point Amusement Park from the time it was developed to date. This will be how the park developed chronologically each development studied year after year. It will further talk of its location and how it best suits it. It will further look at what the park offers and how it if it has had any impact on the people living in the area around it or the state at large.


Cedar Point Amusement Park is regularly rated the best amusement park in the country, now voted for the position 13 times consecutively

. It is located at the end of a slender strip of land in other words a quiet peninsula that juts into Lake Erie. This location was a lakeside respite for travelers and thus quite a good location for the park. The 364-acre cedar point's existence is owed to the white sand beach which is still one of Lake Erie's few sandy beaches. This appropriate location is what has made the park to grow and develop to what it is known as at the present day.

The park's History

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Before 1870, the Cedar Point Peninsula was mainly known and used for fishing and hunting. The area was known for its cedar trees and clear waters which attracted the hunters and fishermen; it was also popular for picnics. This took a sudden turn when an editorial in the local newspaper in 1867 made an appeal to any person who was enterprising enough to take the advantage of the magnificent beach on the lake side of cedar point. In the summer of 1870, a local business man by the name Louis Zistel opened a small beer garden served by a dance floor and a bathhouse on the peninsula. Thus the history of the amusement park that is known today began.

Case Study on Case Study of Cedar Point Amusement Park Assignment

The history of thrill rides at the park began in 1892 when the first roller coaster, the switch back railway made its appearance at the amusement park; it was followed by a machine 25 feet tall with a speed of 10 mph this played a big role in shaping the future of Cedar point. In 1899, the first hotel was built and it was known as the Bay Shore hotel. A second hotel followed merely two years later. Reaching the park gradually became easy owing to the fact that ferries were supplemented by a public road and later a causeway

There was also opening of docks that allowed ships to enter Cedar point directly, railways opened and flights were even registered to the park. The area was landscaped by a Sandusky developer around the turn of the twentieth century. This saw the addition to the first amusement park, the 600-room Hotel Breakers which had tin a tin ceiling, with a tin ceiling, Tiffany chandeliers and a gracious, domed lobby. Later years brought a wide variety of rides, roller coasters, games, shows and more this was made possible by people who had visionary thinking and played a significant part in the creation of the ultimate Amusement park that millions of guests trek to each and every summer

In 1981 the then Marketing director made a description of Cedar Point as the only Amusement park that was successful in making the transition to the new amusement park culture. The park preserves its history well, focusing on blending the classic amusement park attractions with modern flair without losing its family appeal.

What the park offers

Cedar Amusement park has more to offer than just the fabulous roller coasters. It also offers seller attractions like other additional rides, games, shows, the Water Park, the fireworks, on-site hotels and other entertainment and attractions for visiting guests. It also offers mini-golfing facilities and surfing services as well. It has something for everyone to enjoy from the young children to older folks. With the large number of visitors also come the numerous job opportunities particularly during summer time when the highest peaks in terms of visitors are experienced

The Roller coasters

There are 17 roller coasters at Cedar point, and this is what makes the park that famous. This number which is even more than other amusement parks in the world therefore it is undeniably termed as a Roller Coaster capital of the world. Each of the coasters has unique characteristics that offer the riders a spectacular and superb thrill, whether they are novice riders or roller coaster fanatics. These roller coasters are the Blue streak that was opened in 1964, which is a classic wooden out-and-back coaster having a lot of airtime. A twisty-turny coaster opened in 1969 named the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, this coaster stimulates a runaway mine train. The Corkscrew opened in 1976 is a picturesque that has a vertical loop and a double corkscrew over the midway. The Gemini that was opened in 1978 which is a twin racing steel coasters in a figure-eight track. In the same year, 1978 a coaster for kids was opened .this was aimed for kids who had the aspiration to ride the Gemini it was known as the Junior Gemini. This same year saw the opening of the Wildcat, it was a compact coaster which had sharp turns and drops. The Disaster transport that was opened in 1985 was an indoor bobsled track coaster that had originally been named Avalanche it was then enclosed and its theme changed in 1990 and hence it acquired the new name

The Iron Dragon was opened in 1987 and was a suspended coaster that had swooping curves and unique double lift system. In 1989,a great coaster was opened, it was to be the first coaster in record to break the 200-foot tall height barrier reaching a speed of 70 miles per hour it was known as MagnumXL-200.the Mean Streak was opened in 1991 and was a wooden coaster in the back of the park that winds precariously through its own structure. The Raptor was opened in 1994 and was an inverted, ski-lift style coaster that had six inversions that included a unique cobra roll double inversion. A coaster that was stand up and which contained four powerful inversions and a massive twisting finale was opened in 1996 and came to be known as the Mantis. For the family, the Wood Express coaster was opened in 1999 and it was fun for both beginners and experienced drivers. Another coaster came up which broke the 300-foot height barrier and attain speeds greater than 90 miles per hour was opened in 200 and was known as the Millennium Force.

In 2002, another coaster was opened and it was known as the Wicked twister that had a shuttle style which had two spikes that riders repeatedly twisted up and down during each ride.400 feet in the air was realized by a powerful launch of a coaster that was opened in 2003, it had a vertical ascent and descent with speeds that were greater than 120 miles per hour and was known as the Top Thrill Dragster. The newest coaster in the park was opened in 2007 and is known as Maverick, it is a steel sit-down coaster that has multiple inversions in the park's Frontier Town area. The roller coasters that have been opened over the years have increased in speed and the height barrier they reach from the first roller coaster opened

The Rides

Cedar Amusement park is more than just the roller coasters, it features other thrilling rides such as the demon drop, children rides, a giant Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a themed train ride through Bonneville quirky paddleboat cruise that delights both the young and old a classic merry-go round, a paddle wheel excursion, and the cedar point icon spiral, a 330-foot tall rotating observation deck that offers spectacular views of the park and Lake Erie beyond. Spread all over the park are four children areas, the youngest visitors to the park are thus spoilt for choice with many fun filled options. There are also water rides that are available which come in handy during summer time and cool off on the hot summer nights. There is also a classic sky Ride down the Main Midway that is a great way to travel from one end of the midway to the other as well as the layout of the park that has a bird's eye view. The numerous thrill rides test the rider's endurance for speed, heights and flips

The shows

There is more to the amusement park than just the numerous rides. The park has an entertainment department that does not disappoint at all. There are a number of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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