Change at Dupont Case Study

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DuPont Case Study

Approaches to Change

The Organizational Development method of change is most visible in this case study in terms of the NASCAR metaphor that was used to reorganize and re-theorize each individual's role within the organization. This type of explicit and purposeful change, with clear goals from the outset ultimately achieved through direct and specific action, is the hallmark of this type of change. Specific issues in the company were addressed with equally specific actions and re-definitions, with change occurring in a planned and projected manner.

Appreciative inquiry, on the other hand, does not seek to identify and rectify problems, but rather examines situations and individuals with an eye towards the benefits and assets they offer to the organization, then maximizes these benefits. In the case study at hand, this can be seen in Gib Akin's attempts to simply learn more about the organization through interviews and observation. This type of change is typified through learning and enhancement rather than planed changes that are applied top-down like Organizational Development.

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The sharing of information and the interpretation of events by organizational members described in the study is the clearest example of sense-making provided. In this method of change, experiences and concepts are framed in a certain perspective through collaborative definition, and change occurs as the newly developed context suggests what information and values are important. This is an ongoing process, with the context of the organization changing as new situations are considered.


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Though these three approaches to change are all considerably different, they are not necessarily incompatible. There is actually a high degree of crossover between some of the tenets of each of these three methods, though his might not be rendered explicit in their definitions. The making of contexts and perspectives through sense-making can easily take place as a result of appreciative inquiry, for example, and if organizational development plans are built on the contexts and perspectives so constructed, there is no reason that all three methods of change cannot be present simultaneously in a single organization. Planning change based on the identified and collectively determined positive aspects already present in an organization can actually have major benefits for the organization.

As described above, all three elements of change can be seen at work in DuPont according to the case study, though they were not used in tandem. The rather disparate and somewhat haphazard uses of these methods in the case study appear to have occurred accidentally, contributing to organizational success in different ways. Still, the success of the organizational change that occurs in the case study makes it evident that these three change methods can all be effectively used in an organization at the same time. As a change manager, I would attempt to utilize all three change methods in the manner described above. This would lead to some truly effective organizational change taking place in a planned manner but deriving from the organization's already-present strengths and collectively created contexts.

Action Research

In order to manage the changes brought to the organization by the closure of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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