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Global Human Resources

It is obvious that Joanna is having difficulties adapting to El Salvador. Joanna has tried to work on improving some of her skills before moving to San Salvador, but she was unable to counteract the effects of the culture shock. She is in the negotiation phase of the culture shock process. This is reflected by the attitude in her relationships with locals. For example, in order to improve her relationship with Maria, and to have her housekeeper accept her, Joanna pays her more money than it is usual in that region. The most difficult Salvadoran cultural elements for Joanna to adapt to are represented by the lifestyle of people of the Salvadoran high society and the relationship between them and their housekeeping staff.

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There are several issues that Joanna should have focused on when preparing for moving to El Salvador. The fact that she has problems developing relationships with people in this country reflects that she should have studied more the culture of the place. This refers to the types of people there, the relationships that usually develop between them, and other factors that influence their relationship. Therefore, Joanna should try to understand them and how they think. People are different, and they react differently to certain factors. It is important that Joanna tries to understand how they usually react. Then, she should try to adapt to their culture by borrowing behaviors from their culture (Marx, 2001). In other words, shoe should try to dress like them, to eat their traditional foods, to listen to their music, and others. It is recommended that she observes how these people behave in their environment. In addition to this, Joanna should analyze El Salvador based on the cultural dimensions developed by Geert Hofstede. These cultural dimensions are represented by power distance, individualism or collectivism, masculinity and femininity, uncertainty avoidance, and short-term and long-term orientation (Value-Based Management, 2011).

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3. The career that Joanna has developed in the field of human resources can be developed in El Salvador also. However, her professional success in this country depends on her adaptation to the conditions in this country. Joanna should improve her Spanish language skills. This is very important in order to be accepted by companies in this country. She should also work on developing certain negotiation skills. This is because it is much more difficult to get a job in another country. This requires strong negotiation skills in order to convince companies to hire her. It is also important that Joanna improves her flexibility. These skills are transferable to other countries because they refer to the individual rather than to the cultures of these countries.

4. In my case, I do not think I would have taken the job if I were John. This is because I would have preferred to continue to build the life in Canada planned with Joanna. He relies on this fact and on this relationship. Therefore, changing these plans could mean that Joanna becomes disoriented. It is also possible that she starts losing her trust in John, because he changed the plans they have in order to improve his career. I do not… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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