Oregon School District Provides Higher Bandwidth Learning Case Study

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Oregon School District

This is an analysis of the case study of the Klamath County School District's (KCSD) project to facilitate high-bandwidth learning (Clark, 2001). Headquartered in Klamath Falls, KCSD includes twenty geographically dispersed schools. The KCSD WAN covered approximately 6,000 square miles, supporting about 7,000 K-12 students, and roughly 2,300 computers, many located a long way from KCSD's district office headquarters. There was also an uneven distribution of bandwidth consumption because of the disparity in the number of some students at some of the district schools that ranged in size from 100 to 1,500 students. The KSCD's network consisted of older 56 Kbit/sec frame relay circuits and the company lacked network visibility to monitor network traffic.

Business Challenge

The challenge KCSD faced was to provide acceptable WAN performance for core business activities. These included basic Internet and e-mail access, distance learning classes, and educational programming through broadcast and cable TV feeds. The WAN also had to support administrative applications running on top of very large databases that help the district track of students' grades, attendance, immunization records, and other critical information. In addition, the WAN was necessary for supporting Unix-based accounting systems.

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In addition to keeping the business functional, students were interested in the Internet to provide a recreational learning experience. Streaming audio and video, file downloads and instant messaging consumed huge amounts of bandwidth. According to John Hill, KCSD's coordinator. "Kids would get on the network and start instant messaging each other from school to school. If you get 30 people doing it, pretty soon you're going to run out of bandwidth." (Clark, 2001) Further, in order to meet government regulations, and to help qualify for highly prized e-rate funding, KCSD has to limit access to certain types of Web sites, such as those with violent or obscene content.

III. Objectives

Case Study on Case Study Oregon School District Provides Higher Bandwidth Learning Assignment

During 2000 and 2001, the KCSD network's 56 Kbit/sec frame relay circuits were replaced with T1 lines to each school in the district, but network performance problems persisted as more computers were added to the network and users increased bandwidth consumption. KCSD's budget limited it to only one T1 per school. It became increasingly clear that the major objective for KCSD has to be to tackle the problem from a bandwidth use perspective rather than bandwidth capacity.

The district wanted a way to control bandwidth use, but did not want to become overwhelmed by having to constantly add to its list of blocked sites or filtered content. KCSD also needed the ability to manage its WAN from a central location to avoid having to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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