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Butch Cassidy

Robert Leroy Parker, formerly known as Butch Cassidy was born in Utah in 1866. He lived his life in a ranch, first in his parent's ranch and after leaving home in his teens as well. Cassidy worked as a butcher and got his name Butch and Cassidy was what he named himself to honor his old friend Mike Cassidy. His first robbery was a pair of jeans, for which he had to pay charges of court and used to transfer stolen horses to their buyers. He and his partner Longabaugh along with their gang were known as the Wild Bunch. Together they robbed banks and trains in 1980s. After the robbery, Wild Bunch used to split up and reunite again in their secret hide outs which were in San Antonio. Famous among the hide outs are hole-in-the-wall and robbers roost. In 1901, Cassidy and Longabaugh fled towards New York and purchased a four room cabin in Chile. In 1905, they came back again in business, robbing banks and trains. Most of the historians believe that Cassidy and Longabaugh in a shootout which happened to be in San Vicente, where it is believed that they both killed each other after robbing the payroll group. They fled towards their hideout, when officials got to know about it. Gunfight ensued throughout the whole night. It was reported that the officials heard their screams and in the morning when they went inside they saw two dead bodies who committed suicide. One of his last robbery was a the biggest one. However, he regret for whatever he did throughout his life. It is believed that the two Longabaugh and Cassidy fled towards United States where Cassidy changed his face by surgeries and lived over their unnoticed as his sister, Lula Betenson Parker claimed that he was still alive in her book and another evidence is that Longabaugh returned towards United States and died in 1937.

Butch Cassidy

Born on April 13, 1866, Butch Cassidy was a famous train and a bank robber. He was born as Robert Leroy Parker in Utah. Cassidy was first of thirteen children and used to live with his parents in a ranch near Circleville, Utah. As he left his home early in his teens, he started working in a dairy farm were he met Mike Cassidy who was a cattle rustler and a horse thief. From there he worked at different ranches as a butcher where he got a nickname of "Butch" as being a butcher and after sometime he changed his surname to Cassidy in the respect of his old friend and a teacher.

One of the first incident when he was becoming a robber happened to be in 1880, Cassidy made a long journey for a clothier shop in another town just because he wanted it to be closed. However, he entered the shop and got a pair of jeans where he left a note of paying it for those jeans on his next visit. Clothier took the details which were written in that note and reported him. After he got through with the charges of court, Cassidy was declared innocent. In 1884, Cassidy moved towards Colorado where he found work to deliver the stolen horses to the buyers. He met Metthew Warner in 1887, owner of a race horse; together they used to race on different occasions and used to divide the profit. On November 3, 1887, he got responsible for his first train robbery along with Matthew Warner and Thomas McCarty from were they stole $150. (Charles Kelly, 1996).

In June 24, 1884, Butch Cassidy and his partners stole about $21,000 from a bank in Telluride and fled towards their hideout somewhere in Utah. He purchased a ranch in 1890, near Dubois, Wyoming. However, in 1894, Cassidy was arrested because of stealing horses and also for running a protection racket among the other rancher there. He served for about 18 months in the prison. After he got released in January 1896, Cassidy formed a gang of criminals and named it Wild Bunch. Together they were responsible for various robbery activities and murders. In 1897, Cassidy and his friend Elzy Lay along with their girlfriends went towards their hide out namely "Robbers Roost," to plan out their next robbery. On April 21, 1897, both Cassidy and Lay ambushed and stole a sack from a small group of men, containing $7,000 in the form of gold and went back towards their secret… [END OF PREVIEW]

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