Castelvecchio Verona Italy Carlo Scarpa Architect Research Proposal

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Mixing old and new architecture in an aesthetically pleasing way to maintain a sense of history while keeping buildings useful and practical in the modern age. A truly visionary architect is able not only to achieve this meld of new practicalities and aesthetics with traditional and historic preservation, but is actually able to render a sort of homage to historic aesthetics while putting their own personal signature into the design of a building. Carlo Scarpa is one such architect, and the work he did updating and modernizing the medieval castle in Verona, Italy, known simply as Castelvecchio or the "Old Castle" is one of the most impressive and enduring monuments to his skill. While maintaining the integrity of the structure and its aesthetics and history of the castle, Scarpa's own sense of aesthetics and its far more modern shaping are apparent in many of the details of Cstelvecchio. In addition, he practical changes he made to transform the castle from a former fortress and housing unit to a modern museum.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Proposal on Castelvecchio Verona Italy Carlo Scarpa Architect Assignment

The changes that Scarpa made to the interior of Castelvecchio for the specific purpose of displaying certain works of art reflect all of these elements -- a devotion to the practicalities of a museum, a commitment to preserving history, and a passion for his own sense of design and aesthetics. One of the most impressive examples of this melding of different (though not disparate) purposes is the display of a medieval statue on a beam of concrete that juts out approximately twenty feet from the wall and hovers many feet above the floor of the room. A walkway runs near this beam, allowing for a view of the statue. The concrete fits well with the stone of the original castle, and at the same time gives a distinctly modern texture to the room. The very existence of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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