Cathedral Character Analysis: Cathedral Narrator Term Paper

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Term Paper on Cathedral Character Analysis: Cathedral Narrator Assignment

The blind man does not appear to be knowledgeable of the extent of his actual limitations existing as a blind individual as he navigates about the world in a self-assured manner appearing quite comfortable with his blindness. The blind man is an astute learner, an adept conversationalist, and agreeable to learning new facts as he relates that anything on television will be suitable for his listening as he likes learning something new. While the television is being watched by the characters in this story, the subject of cathedrals comes up and the blind man expresses that he does not know what a cathedral looks like and asks the narrator to describe the appearance of the cathedral. The narrator attempts to describe a cathedral but is not able to express the majestic beauty or the imposing sight of a cathedral to the blind man. The blind man requested that the narrator please draw the cathedral and that he allow the blind man to lay his hand atop the narrators' hand as he draws the cathedral. Just as the narrator's words fail to describe the appearance of the cathedral, the narrator is unable to articulate his own unhappiness in life in regards to his own spiritual beliefs or religion. However, that which the narrator lacks in his articulation of his thoughts of the cathedral, he is able to express in his drawing of the cathedral which he does while having his eyes closed. He seems surprised and amazed when he sees what he has drawn although the story leaves the reader hanging wondering just what he narrator has actually drawn on the piece of paper. The narrator is limited in providing a description of the cathedral due to some inner state of rigidness concerning his feelings or beliefs of things that are of a spiritual nature. The narrator however, motivated by the blind man is able to articulate his feelings not in words, but by way of the cathedral drawing. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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