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Further, Cathedral is written in what may be considered an almost minimalist style. There are no long, flowery descriptions. Instead, descriptions of the characters and settings are clean and crisp. The result is a story that reveals its characters and themes deeply and clearly.

The theme of the story, despite the minimalist and austere style, is uplifting and positive. At the end, the prejudiced husband's superficial thinking is changed by the blind man's touch. He becomes more empathetic and forgiving, and sets aside his prejudice. Thus, one of the themes of The Cathedral is that prejudice can be healed by simple human contact, and by love.

Perhaps in a broader sense, though, the theme of The Cathedral is that simple human interaction can give us a sense of community. The narrator has an isolated and prejudiced existence before the blind man appears. When he meets a blind man who challenges his stereotyped idea of the blind, it makes the narrator begin to see that there is a larger world outside of his narrow view. At the end of The Cathedral, the narrator is able to recognize our common humanity and community.

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