Catherine From Wuthering Heights Book Report

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Wuthering Heights- Diction, Detail, And Tone

Identify forms of diction / detail words. How do style and techniques tie in?

Catherine is described as a playful child, but willful: "Her spirits were always at high-water mark, her tongue always going -- singing, laughing, and plaguing everybody who would not do the same. A wild, wicked slip she was -- but she had the bonniest eye, the sweetest smile, and lightest foot in the parish." Although Nelly, the narrator of the passage, is attempting to complain about Catherine's behavior, she cannot help but make Catherine seem attractive to the reader. The long list of verbs to describe Catherine's quickness creates a sense of a girl who is always in motion and Nelly must admit of Catherine "I believe she meant no harm" in her actions.

Q2. Identify the tone(s) established. Watch for shifts!

Suddenly, the paragraph shifts from a relatively straightforward description of a charming girl to a more serious matter: "She was much too fond of Heathcliff," says Nelly, noting Catherine's fixation on him. There is an even more somber shift when her father's displeasure is noted "Nay, Cathy,' the old man would say, 'I cannot love thee, thou'rt worse than thy brother. Go, say thy prayers, child, and ask God's pardon. I doubt thy mother and I must rue that we ever reared thee!'" This foreshadows the ensuing paragraph when Mr. Earnshaw's death, while he is sitting at the fireplace, is recorded and the tone grows even more somber.

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Overall, the passage moves from a description of Catherine (and Catherine's relationship with her father) to Catherine's relationship with Heathcliff. There is a sense of Catherine's charm and innocence at the beginning, which shifts as the tone becomes much darker, ending with her father's death and both children's mourning of his passing.

Book Report on Catherine From Wuthering Heights Assignment

Q3. In a fluidy chucked (chunks of quotes for evidence and support) paragraph (ONE PAGE ONLY), analyze how the narrator's… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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