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¶ … child in the case study is suffering from varicella or, as it is commonly called, Chicken Pox. The rash was the initial presenting symptom, preceding the cellulitis by 5 days. The description is classis with the history of the infection as fever, malaise, and a generalized vesicular rash typically consisting of 250-500 lesions. The most common complications of varicella, which can result in hospitalization, are bacterial infections of skin lesions, pneumonia, dehydration, encephalitis, and hepatitis. The fever, depending on the degree of elevation combined with the speed it developed could have predisposed the child to a febrile seizure (Hamment, 1999)

Acyclovir is sometimes used to treat chicken pox, although usually not in a non-immunocompromised population without secondary infection. Acyclovir is an anti-viral medication which reduces the amount and degree of lesion formation and is felt to decrease the incidence of complication in children with varicella. It is usually most effective when provided within 24 to 48 hours of the onset of the rash.

Both the child in the case study and the health care workers caring for her are at risk because of her infection. Each vesicle provides another avenue for normal skin colonization to become pathogenic, perhaps causing cellulitis or perhaps a septicemia. Adults, who have not previously been exposed to varicella usually have more severe disease and are at higher risk for complications (Haiduven-Griffiths, Fecko, 1987)

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Prevention of varicella is easier now than ever. Vaccination is recommended for all children at age one. Additionally, most adults who deny a history of varicella in childhood actually have the antibody and most likely experienced a sub-clinical infection. For those individuals who have not been exposed, vaccination should be considered, especially for those considered to be at high risk including:

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