What Causes Victims of Violence to Stay in Abusive Relationships Research Proposal

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Research Questions and Hypothesis

Q 1: Why do men and women stay in abusive relationships?

Q 2: Do intergenerational transmission of violence theory or gender role expectations play a part in that decision to stay?

The hypothesis of this study is that men and women stay in abusive relationships for a variety of reasons that are wholly unique and meaningful to their own particular background, experience, beliefs, and situation. No two cases yield the same result, and while there can be meaningful similarities across cases, getting to the bottom of the situation in order to help men and women cope with their situation requires extensive support through interpersonal therapy.


The phenomenological method will be used in this study, as it allows the researcher to be immersed in the world of the subjects, to observe directly what is going on, to make notes, to interview subjects, and to obtain the subjects’ stories or narratives about their own experiences in their own words. Analyzing these narratives then provides the data from which meaningful information can be extrapolated.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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The sample will consist of men and women who are contacted using social media. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow for a wide range of different people to be reached. Snowball sampling will be used to obtain participants for this study. The study will seek to obtain permission from four subjects to complete an extensive interview with follow-up questions or information requested via Internet exchange if needed.

The interviews will be unstructured but will consist of the researcher encouraging the men and women who are victims of domestic violence to tell their story. The researcher will encourage the participant to explain certain actions, including the act of staying in the relationship as the interview transpires.

Research Proposal on What Causes Victims of Violence to Stay in Abusive Relationships Assignment

The interviews will then be transcribed and analyzed by using open coding based on grounded theory, eidetic reduction and imaginative variation (Lin, 2013). This method of analysis allows for the data to be categorized and distilled so that the “essence of things” emerges organically to the surface without the researcher’s own bias interfering.

Ethical Considerations

Participants’ identity will be kept completely anonymous for the study and participants will be told beforehand the purpose of the study and why the study is being conducted before they consent to be part of the study. The researcher will bracket out researcher bias by conducting unstructured interviews and letting the participants tell their story with as little suggestion or redirection from the researcher as possible.


The expected findings of this study are that participants will provide unique reasons for why they stay in domestic abuse situations. The reasons will be unique to themselves and though some overlap may occur in a general way, a predictive variable is unlikely to emerge as a general reason for why men and women stay in domestic violence situations. The conclusions that are likely to be reached are that assumptions should never be made about a person’s stay in a domestic violence situation—that every case has to be treated uniquely, and that in order to help, individuals have to withhold judgment and spend time with the victim in order to better understand the best course forward. Every victim has a story to tell and by listening to those stories, the process of how one can best help future victims may emerge and become self-evident.

The limitations of the study are that the findings may not be easily generalized as the sample size is small. Testing the validity of the findings may require a longitudinal study with a greater sample size, but that will also depend on the variables that emerge as reasons of justifications for why men and women stay in domestic abuse situations. The study could also be limited by the snowball sampling method as well as by researcher bias, which can be mitigated through bias bracketing, but may never be fully expunged.


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