Term Paper: Cecil Rhodes, Official Managing Director

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[. . .] At the same time, Rhodes demonstrated remarkable foresight and business acumen when it came to his dealings throughout Africa.

A British expatriate, Cecil Rhodes saw British colonization of Africa as absolutely essential to the nation's cultural survival. According to Rhodes, competition for natural resources in places like Africa was weakening the British stronghold throughout the world. With the Dutch competing especially fiercely in Africa, the British could not afford to be lax about their aims there. Like the Dutch, Rhodes saw colonization as more of an economic than a cultural or political imperative. It was more for economic needs than for anything else that Rhodes believed the British should remain a powerful influence throughout Africa. Rhodes proposed a massive communication and transportation network spanning the entire continent, though he had no engineering plans for it. Rhodes also irked many other British colonialists because of his desire to link with the Dutch and create a series of African states that would be subject to European financial interests. Rhodes saw much potential in creating tariff zones that would help the British prosper and cultivated a spirit of free enterprise as a result. In particular, diamond speculation interested Rhodes, who was a less than scrupulous man. Another fact on which these three authors agree is that Rhodes, no matter how magnificent in stature, was ethnocentric and racist. He saw colonization as almost a sacred duty and as part of his destiny.

The readings on Cecil Rhodes demonstrate the spirit of colonization from a personal perspective. Reading about Rhodes' personality shows readers how individual members of the dominant culture impose their beliefs on other cultures and how a sense of entitlement guided

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