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It only took Chadwick one month to discover the conclusive evidence that the neutron did indeed exist; the journal Nature published the report in 1932.

B. Chadwick described a neutron as " a highly penetrating neutral particle with a mass similar to the proton," ("The Neutron: Chadwick 1932," n.d.)

C. Chadwick explained the phenomenon in terms of snooker balls, noting that when the alpha particles from a radioactive source hit a nuclei, a proton is knocked free leaving behind a particle -- suggesting that the neutron is the same mass -- just as when a snooker ball is hit by a ball of the same mass it remains stationary.

IV. The Aftermath

A. Chadwick earned the Nobel Prize for his work.

B. Unfortunately, the work from Chadwick's discovery would be harnessed for great evil, causing Chadwick considerable consternation

1. He disparaged the way science was headed toward harnessing discoveries like his for military purposes.

2. He especially feared the American control of science (Oliphant, 1982).

C. Chadwick's discovery led to a "revolution in warfare," a "new source of energy," and "fundamental changes" to the study of science (Oliphant, 1982).


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