Chalk Art of Julian Beever, of England Term Paper

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¶ … chalk art of Julian Beever, of England. The writer's main thesis states, "…his style creates a unique and fun aspect and brings a whole new meaning to how I view art." However, this thesis statement does not come until the end of the essay. he/she should be including it in the fist paragraph, as well. Right now, there is no thesis statement in the lead paragraph.

Similarly, the writer does not discuss postmodernism until the end. he/she does not define the word, but details aspects of Beever's work that fall into this art form. I do not gain an overall idea of the concept of postmodernism from what the writer is saying. he/she should either add the concept of postmodernism to the beginning paragraph (for example, "Julian Beever's work is an example of postmodernism"). or, define it in the second paragraph.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Chalk Art of Julian Beever, of England. Assignment

I was also confused about "chalk art." Since the process of how it was actually done was not described, I had to imagine what it entailed. I thought of someone drawing with chalk on a sidewalk, which, on further research, I… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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