Challenges in Apple Global Business Environment Research Paper

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Apple Case Study

In recent years, Apple has done a complete re-haul to its code of conduct especially with regards to its suppliers. There have been numerous allegations of human rights violations by the suppliers specially its suppliers based in China. Therefore the company had to set up new codes of conduct that were stricter and more rigid (Apple, 2015). Here are some examples.

Apple created new codes of conduct with respect to unethical hiring and eliminating excessive work hours for the employees of the suppliers. The new code of conduct with respect to ethical hiring Apple made it clear that hiring of students, juveniles, dispatch, and foreign should not be appointed in the supplier's factories (Apple, 2015). Apple states that these groups of employees are susceptible to be targeted by unscrupulous agents.

With regards to working hours, Apple has directed its suppliers to limit weekly working hours to 60 hours a day except in abnormal situations. But even such conditions employees should be given a day's rest in seven days of work and any overtime cannot be forced on the employees (Apple, 2015).

Apple has also made it mandatory for managers of suppliers to undergo courses to resolve issues at workplace. The launch of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program started by the company to provide the most comprehensive training and education programs for middle level managers of suppliers all across the globe. This program improves their skills in resolving issues at workplace.

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The company also made its environment policy stricter so that the suppliers maintain environment norms. While managing hazardous waste, waste water, storm water, boundary noise and air emissions all local laws need to be strictly followed by the suppliers all across the board (Apple, 2015). Environmental risks at supplier's places are assessed by the company through surveys where the company also involves NGOs and other groups associated with the environment.


Research Paper on Challenges in Apple Global Business Environment Assignment

Apple has made it abundantly clear that the suppliers need to get their mid-level managers enrolled in the 18-month 19 segment course on development of safe practices and conflict resolution at the workplace. The company conducts a global program on this issue every year since 2013. The company has made it mandatory for the suppliers to send at least 3 of its employees from each installation to the program every year. Failing this the company would take action again the concerned supplier (Apple, 2015).

The company is also stricter about underage employees. According to documents of the company in the public domain, in case the company finds any underage employees in any of the installations of the suppliers, that employees are sent to Apple's Underage Labor remediation Program. Apple has made it mandatory for the concerned that employed the underage labor to fund the entire costs of the program (Apple, 2015).

These are just two recent changes that the company has put in place in its code of conduct for suppliers. The company has made it clear in almost every part of the code of conduct that it would take action again the erring supplier as is evident from the above mentioned cases.


Apple's supplier responsibility entails the concept of safety and equality at very high standards. The essence of the responsibility information is that the company believes that setting of high standards is not merely enough people have to work hard every to achieve and maintain the high standards. The company also claims that their supplier code of conduct is amongst the toughest in the industry and the company maintains a strict discipline by conducting regular in-person audits of the supplier's facilities.

The company seems very serious about the overall working atmosphere at the suppliers' units (Apple, 2015). The company has drawn detailed codes relating to underage employment and has fixed the working hours. Any deviation from the codes of conduct would result in punitive action being taken the company against the supplier.

The codes of conduct with respect to the responsibilities of the suppliers also entail the conforming to the local environmental laws. The company wants every supplier to adhere strictly to the local environment laws. The dim level manager education program to better work conditions and resolving of issues at the work place is also an innovative step (Apple, 2015). To summarize Apple's supplier responsibility information, it can be said that the company has… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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