Term Paper: Challenges in Building T5 Heathrow

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[. . .] Second Process

While Just in Time logistics is an effective way to deal with the logistics part of the project, all bodies involved need to be well-acquainted with the exact strategies they need to employ in order to know when it is important for them to perform the next step in the program. Having materials and components lying around is not beneficial for the enterprise as a whole just as not having these materials when they are needed can bring on further issues.

By using ProjectFlow, individuals in the projects can have a complex understanding of their mission in general and can thus take efficient decisions when this is needed. The application provides users with the power to coordinate everything in the project ranging from what teams work in what parts of the program to what materials are being delivered to each individual team. The fact that LOR came across the possibility of not being able to deliver the product on time meant that the project needed to be completed alongside of Mott MacDonald. Both bodies would have to cooperate in spite of their differences and were practically left with no alternative but to get actively involved in the project without risking the project's failure.

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