Champion International Corporation Essay

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Champion International is in a good position to take a strong stance as a company committed to both prosperity and to conservation. The spotted owl incident is an opportunity for the organization to grow and renew its brand image. Instead of fighting environmentalists, Champion International should join their cause in developing progressive ways of timber harvesting. The investment in the Northwest timber market and tree farms like the one in Kapowsin, Washington is one that is already yielding high returns and will continue to do so in the future. By strategically placing effective lobbyists who can prove Champion's dual commitment to environmentalism and profitability, the company will remain a market leader.


The government's decided course of intervention in northwestern timber markets is likely to change with every presidential administration. Changes in party politics and in both federal and state-level politics will affect the ways the logging and timber industries operate.

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Moreover, executive and managerial shifts within companies like Champion are likely to alter courses of action in the industry. In general, the government has been highly effective in striking a balance between the interests of business and profit and the interests of ecology and quality of life. Listing species like the northern spotted owl on the official Endangered Species List is bound to have net positive effects for all parties, so long as leaders like Byron "Tag" Edwards and organizations like Champion are willing to think creatively.

Essay on Champion International Corporation Assignment

2. Champion is certainly making money in its Western mills. After all, "The crown jewel of Champion's western assets was its tree farm in Kapowsin, Washington," (p. 11). Champion's Western mills are highly profitable. A quarter of its American timberlands, are located in the western states of Washington, Oregon, northern California, Idaho, and Montana. Furthermore, "these western assets accounted for over a third of the revenues, and about 60% of the operating profits, of Champion's forest products division." For this reason, Edwards has reason for concern about… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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