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[. . .] Once stakeholders' interests and links to the change initiative have been identified, the owners can chart an engagement strategy (Austin, 2009). The engagement strategy outlines the timing, order and actions for connecting with key stakeholders (Austin, 2009).

The plan will be implemented by determining which stakeholders need to be approached before the change becomes public and determining if some need to hear about the change from the owners before they hear about it from another source (Austin, 2009). Organizational leaders need to be great communicators when they are leading their team through change and they should roll out a clear, universal, consistent message to everyone in the organization at the same time (Mirza, 2008). The owners immediately brought the employees on board and intend to make the changes widely publicized for the marketing opportunities.

The implementation plan will include the identification of trigger events that must happen for the change to be successful but are outside the owner's control (Austin, 2009). Trigger events can include things like competitor actions, changes in regulation, changes in leadership, support from powerful stakeholders or other environmental shifts (Austin, 2009). The owners have considered what will happen if construction is delayed, the change in costs of labor and materials to build the gallery and the possibility that they may need additional time to hire the right staff. Successful implementation involves anticipating the unexpected and being ready to rapidly design a plan B, or a plan C (Austin, 2009).

To solve problems that might crop up with employees the owners should link the successful outcomes to specific behaviors, handle obstacles by asking instead of telling and maintain forward momentum (Mirza, 2008). A change initiative is not about implementing a new system or enforcing a new policy; rather, a change initiative is about creating an environment that will enable individuals to behave in a manner that supports and embraces the new change (Hughes, 2008).

VIII. The Action Plan

The specific action steps include redesigning of the existing store to have the best flow with the new gallery, adding additional vertical shelving for products, adding an additional cash register and having the packing and materials necessary to package products after sale. The construction project needs to go to bid and a contractor selected for the job. Additional sales training will be necessary to familiarize the existing employees and new employees with the new product lines and the gallery. A gallery manager will be brought onboard to handle the negotiation and sale of artwork as well as keeping records for the consigned pieces to identify the owners and the pertinent information on the art and what prices are acceptable for sale. The redesign will also include the installation of new flooring in the main store which will require coordination of the construction because the store does not want to be closed for any of the renovations. The owners intend to have several teambuilding exercises with the new staff and the existing staff to ease the transition for everyone and encourage an atmosphere of trust with everyone.

IX. Effect of the Change

Every change management experience creates a learning process for the participants and an opportunity to incorporate change into the corporate culture. This is where the importance of assessing the effectiveness of the change management process will assist the owners in the next change management process they design. Flaws and errors should all be brought to light in a debriefing session with stakeholders to find out what could have been done better and what was done well.

If the change management plan is created, communicated and executed effectively the store and employees should be successful. The effect of the change should focus a critical eye on how the changes affected the employees, the owners and other stakeholders. The new gallery and expanded product lines are expected to create a great deal of sales growth for the company with the possibility of an opportunity to open additional stores. The local artists will hopefully respond favorably to an alternative venue for selling their art and the gallery should be able to maintain a stock of quality art pieces. If the employees are happy with the changes their needs should continue to be met by providing more training and teambuilding activities. The owners should consider hiring a human resource manager to develop training plans and take over all of the human resource functions, which should reduce the burden on the owners as the store continues to grow and new staff is added.

The redesign of the store is expected to have a positive influence on shoppers and sales as it is designed to lead customers through the store and highlight more expensive items. The employee's have been asked to provide their input on the changes and this is expected to foster a team environment. The employee's on the sales floor know the customers and asking for their input in the design will help reward their efforts and use their knowledge. Creating an innovative and creative atmosphere will make future change initiatives easier and help the store to attract and retain the best talent. The changes will make the employee's more productive because of the additional check out center and having a greater volume of products to suite more customers tastes. A higher commission rate is expected to create a competitive spirit amoung the sales team and lead to more sales for the store.


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