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However, Maija is a woman that wants to live in the present not that past like her husband. She is a psychic and has plenty of dreams to live the way everyone else does. She has every desire to assimilate into the present culture. Maija, is a woman that is extremely haunted by the present and even though these psychic visions keep coming up, at the end of the day, she is not able to read her own teenage children. It was clear that no matter what she did or how hard she tried, she was not able to control everything; she was far from all-knowing, and she had not been blessed with strong parental communication type of skills. As previously mentioned, Maija was not able to discern what was going on in her own household. She had the sight, that was certain, but she rarely saw futures for her family, which was even

More annoying and led to her snooping. Rather than inquiring about Isabella's female changes and Vic's experiences at school, Maija held did not get involve much. Instead she took interest in things such as Birds and bees and just remained bottled up, as they would sit there and sting themselves and then eat each other.

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However, even though Maija wanted to stay in the present and assimilate with the rest of the world she would be dragged into the past when she thought about her Oma, which was her mother. Thinking about her mother brought up the past a time where there was slow progress to be able to assimilate. "Oma's interest had always been, in Maija's eyes, in the lives of others."(20). One thing that Maija feared about these memories was how her mother lost her self without being able to assimilate. "After Papa had passed away, it was as though Oma's identity as a mother had vanished along with her identity as a wife, leaving Maija alone." (20) She was scared to death to have to live this whole nightmare all over again.

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However, thinking about her mother did give her some kind of hope of assimilation into the society around her and at the same time it made her feel really close to her. "When they had first immigrated to Cleveland through the sponsorship of a Latvian Baptist church, Maija would go through Oma's things in hopes of feeling closer to her." (20) Getting a glimpse of the past, she was able to see how her mother was able to fight through the Ohio school system's remedial classes with disabled students, students branded as "slow" and other immigrants who struggled with the English language. Even though that was a moment in the past, it still gave Maija some kind of hope about becoming part of a society that did not want them by being educated and learning the English culture around her.

However, being in the present did not bring her all that much comfort either because in reality was not able to assimilate fast enough. It was her deepest fault, that she could see the futures of others but not of her loved ones. "What good was being a psychic at all?" (20) Maija was frustrated with this flaw. However, she tried to keep herself busy by doing other things. However, she did envy the culture around her and wanted to assimilate into it because she felt that would make her a better parent. In her eyes, she felt that becoming part of the culture would somehow make her parenting skills better. Maija's fountain of parenting knowledge reached the end. "She considered the models she'd learned from television, including the troubled teens, pregnant teens, druggy teens, and even prostituting teens." (21) What made her happy was that she would watch special on the Internet and teens, and she was grateful neither of her children spent much time on their one family computer in the kitchen, except when papers were due.

However, Vic had an obsession with a video game. Now this possession was because it reminded him of something that was modern. It took Vic into a world of escape and away from the one that did not want him. The world that would remind him every day of his life of who he is supposed to be. The video games was a symbol of assimilation to Vic because most of the teenagers around him had one. This video game was something that he cherished because when he was picked on at school for trying to assimilate, he was at least able to do it with this game. It was really away of assimilating in his eyes because it had something to do with building a city, an entire simulated world. Also, the blog made him feel as though he was becoming part of the society because this was something that that most of the Americans were doing. He did tell his mother about this as well. "This really sounded nice to Maija -- so creative, not destructive -- but Vic would never show his mother his creations." (21)

Maija really liked it because although she was having a little hard time with becoming assimilated. Having her son do all of these American things appeared to make her feel as though someone in her family was finally able to arrive in society that was giving them a hard time. Vic even had a problem with his traditional name. "Please don't call me Vicki, Mama. Call me Vic."(21) He was repulsed by the traditional attire he wore which caused him to go through a lot of backlash when he was at school. His face would always show his progress of assimilation because it would always be bruised from being bullied. "It's like I'm asking for it, wearing this stupid thing on my head and all." (27). He begin to hate the tradition that he came from. "There isn't even a gurdwara in this town -- why should I have to wear this?" (27)

However, even though his mother was happy about the fact that her so was trying to work himself into the society around him, she still took it as an offense when hearing that he son did not like his traditional culture. "You want I should start one? You're lucky I don't send you to Latvian camp. There's one in Pennsylvania, you know. Or maybe you'd rather." (28)

However, Vic was alone because she did not quite understand his issue. In her eyes she felt that he was being very disrespectful but he was clearly not trying to come from that angle, it was clear that he was not happy. He looked unfazed. "You don't get it. Do kids in Latvia wear this?" (28) She did not understand her son hard time trying to become a part of a world that did not seem to accept him. His mother was cold to it though it seemed. "I know how difficult the teen years are." (28) However, his mother being insensitive just made he hate his tradition even more and they long for the world that was choosing not to accept his tradition. Vic normally would retreat to his room without looking back at his mother. His room was a place where he could be alone and the think about the world that he wanted to become very much a part of. She knew he thought it was unfair that his sister didn't have to display an element of their father's orthodox religion but he did. But in Vic eyes that certainly was not that part of being a teenager, thinking the world's against you and wondering why it's so one-sided.

Maija started wondering how having a grandparent in the house would change her children. "She went to his bedroom; the door wasn't closed all the way, so she peeked inside. His hair was flowing down his back in curls, rebelling against the turban." However, because they were from two different worlds, it was hard for her to be able to talk to him. She was representing a woman that wanted to assimilate but at the same time felt that she needed to have some kind of respect for the culture. Vic on the other hand was the total opposite. He did not want to have anything to do with culture and wanted to give it all up in order to become a part of the society. She wanted to get involved, but she remembered hearing somewhere that it was best to give space to teens. She just hoped he wasn't imagining what it would feel like to hold a sword in his own hands. But then she remembered his aversion to sharp objects and felt better. However, it dawned on her that the only way that he would ever feel any better was to become a part of the society around him. In his eyes, bringing the grandparents around would probably… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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