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Over the last several years, a number of different leadership issues have arisen in the health care environment to include: a lack of coordination and improving the atmosphere of the facility. This is problematic, because it can contribute to a host of challenges that could affect the quality of care and productivity. As a result, some kind of change process needs to be introduced, to prevent a facility from falling into this kind of inefficiency (which has been known to embrace the most successful organizations). To achieve this objective means examining Beaudan's concepts of change fatigue. This will be accomplished by looking at: possible signs of exhaustion, critical questions to be asked at the mid -- course phase and how the process can be improved. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights as to how long-term changes can be implemented inside a health care facility. ("Kent Bottles," 2010)

Using Beaudan's work, were any signs of exchange fatigue noted? If so, which ones?

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Yes. This is because many health care workers will often face a number of stressful situations during the course of their careers. Some of the most notable include: a disconnection with patients and exhaustion from a lack of sleep. A disconnection with patients, is when the doctor or nurse will not try to show any kind of emotional connection to the individual they are treating. This is because they have had negative emotional experiences, with similar patients in the past. To protect themselves against this kind of disappointment in the future, they will often disconnect their emotions from the person. While, exhaustion from a lack of sleep can affect the ability of the health care professional to do their very best. These two elements are important, because they are showing how they can contribute to exchange fatigue. Once this begins to occur, is the point that many individuals will lose focus on improving the underlying amounts of care and productivity. ("Kent Bottles," 2010) (Beaudan, 2006, pp. 1 -- 7)

Term Paper on Change Process Over the Last Several Years, Assignment

Which of Beaudan's critical questions should have been asked at the mid-course phase?

The critical question the Beaudean ask is: what strategies can you use to get back on track? This is important, because during the mid course phase is when there has been a certain degree of success inside the organization. Yet, beneath the surface many people will often become lax about these changes. This is problematic, because it means that the initial successes could fool everyone into thinking they have made a lasting change. When in reality, they have only created a temporary change and are fooling themselves into thinking they are permanent. Once this occurs, it means that staff will slowly revert back to the standard operating procedures of the past. At which point, the various changes that have been implemented will become stalled. With Beaudan's critical question, you are addressing the common issues that affect all organizations that have a certain degree of success (complacency). This is important, because if this challenge can be addressed during the mid course of new programs, it will help to create lasting changes inside a health care organization. ("Stress Health Care Workers Battle," 2010) (Beaudan, 2006, pp. 1 -- 7)

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