Change Using Kotter's 8 Steps Research Paper

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This would have helped employees in two ways. First, it would have given employees that intended to stay some additional measure of job security. Second, it would have made it more possible for employees who would eventually be terminated to find alternate employment, by staggering the number of employees to hit the job market.

For McDonald's, the most critical change would have been to have changed the timing. McDonald's failed to observe cultural changes that reflected a desire to have a variety of healthier options at McDonald's. It also ignored the menu changes at competing restaurants. Had it engaged in better timing for its healthier menu, it would have had a much more effective counter campaign to alleviate some of the bad publicity that was inherent when Super Size Me was released. For example, using choices available on its current menu, McDonald's could have seized on an advertising campaign similar to that used by Subway restaurants, and featured a real-life person who ate exclusively at McDonald's and managed to lose weight and gain health. Such a campaign would have been impossible using only McDonald's old menu.


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Parker, D., Verlinden, A., Nussey, R., Ford, M., & Pathak, R.D. (2013). Critical evaluation of project-based performance management: Change intervention integration, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 62(4), 407-419.

Research Paper on Change Using Kotter's 8 Steps, Assignment

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