Changes to PHD Project Chapter

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These were mentioned at the onset of my study, and these issues affected by strength so I could not engage in any serious effort. All of these factors that led to birth at 36 weeks by C-Section. In November 2015, I delivered my baby, and leave Maternity.

• My daughter has had a serious health problem since birth. She has a lot of the appointments with her doctors to monitor her health condition per week. My baby did not have any official proof of birth certificate, passport, permit and medical insurance! We did not get any help in finding a solution in spite of the difficult situation! In 2016, my daughter got a birth certificate and medical assurance, but she got after year-old passage. In January, my little baby will have a big surgery

• Per my doctor, my French is not strong enough to allow me to work in the 'bus sante' environment sufficiently independently

5.0 - The List of Courses

• In 2016, I completed an English communication course in an academic context in level B1 at university of Lausanne from February to June.

• In 2015 and 2016, I completed twelve seminars in various scientific/medical fields in Geneva and Lausanne.

• I completed two tutorials. One was an introduction to psychophysiological research and the other related to the health effects of sugar.

• Finally, in 2016, I have been studying clinical research course in Lausanne.

6.0 -- Amount of Credits

• I got 4 credit points.

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7.0 -- Apparent Opportunities in Marquez-Vidal

For this research to be truly useful, it would be important to study any gaps or missing areas not covered, or at least not fully, in the work of Marquez-Vidal. This is not to say that the work was done improperly, it is just that it is important to make sure that this research breaks new ground in terms of coverage and findings. If the existing findings of the Marquez-Vidal study are solid, then they can be added to and fleshed out. If there are things of concern in the Marquez-Vidal results, then those can be explored as well (Marquez-Vidal et al., 2015).

Chapter on Changes to PHD Project Assignment

With that in mind, here are the findings and thoughts about that study as I see them. First, the length of the study is very good in that it was done over a full generation of time, that being about twenty years. Second, both men and women were covered when it came to the sample. Third, the study was long enough that ebbs and flows in data were clearly seen over time. For example, educated women had their own patterns of activity and results from 1993 to 1999. Of course, the study in question was the aforementioned bus sante style that was to be replicated as part of the original plans for this study. As for gaps, the use of cigarettes was self-reported. That is something that should have been verified for sure through tests as some people are prone to lie about or omit facts as part of a study or survey. Whether a given subject is being truthful about their drug usage (among other things) is important because results need to be extrapolated from verified and verifiable facts whenever possible. At the same time people with missing demographic information were excluded. Also, something that might be useful to know is to figure out the "why" behind why things changed over time for the groups studied, rather than just the "what" of what changed in terms of body levels and test values. Obviously, it would seem to be related to the educational level of the people being studied. Even so, it would be nice to know what precisely what causes the demarcation between the educated and uneducated. Lastly, being able to vouch for and verify activity levels would also be important. It may not be practical (especially over twenty years) but going off of verified data, as noted before, is something that should be sought out when possible (Marquez-Vidal et al., 2015).


Marques-Vidal, P., Rousi, E., Paccaud, F., Gaspoz, J., Theler, J., & Bochud, M. et al.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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