Changing Attitudes Regarding Same-Sex Marriages Term Paper

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By 1977, the backlash associated with Anita Bryant and her attack on gay rights created the need to protect the gains already made. Then, in the early 1980s, AIDS struck the entire lesbian and gay community. Still, despite the fact that many anti-homosexual groups used AIDS to fuel their argument, the epidemic actually launched gay right activism, leading to a re-emergence of the same-sex marriage question. In the first place, AIDS blunted the adulation of multiple partners celebrated by both male gay culture and gay leaders in the 1970s. In addition, the AIDS epidemic encouraged closeted gays to come out publicly, creating a self-assured lesbian and gay community. With so many proud gays and lesbians, gays were no longer perceived as unloving, unstable and immoral. The epidemic has buried these opinions, at least for the public lesbian and gay community.

At this point, gays and lesbians were at the third level, at the postconventional level. People began to argue that rules of society exist for everyone's benefit, from a legal point-of-view. Therefore, gays and lesbians believed that they had a right to get married, just as much as straight people do.

By 1992, a Newsweek survey reported that 58% of its respondents disapprove of gay marriage; 35% approve, and 7% are still unsure. Today, same sex marriages are illegal in the United States. The gay and lesbian community has this issue prioritized on their agenda. Still, they are gaining momentum, as attitudes toward same sex marriage are rapidly changing.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Changing Attitudes Regarding Same-Sex Marriages Assignment

According to Kohlberg, simple participation in moral discussions spurs growth in moral reasoning. The "just community" approach to moral development that Kohlberg helped create has three basic aims: 1) to encourage moral development through discussions of moral issues; 2) to develop a culture of moral norms through community-building and the democratic establishment of rules; and 3) to create a context where people can act on their moral decisions. For this reason, the progression made by homosexuals over the years and their efforts to gain public recognition has evolved moral thinking regarding same sex marriages. By simply getting the issues out there and making people aware, they are gaining momentum in their cause.


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