Character Development in Toni Morrison's "Sula Essay

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Character development in Toni Morrison's "Sula"

Toni Morrison's novel "Sula" provides readers with a complex story regarding African-American experiences in the early twentieth century and concerning two girls who go through a series of more or less fortunate events as they grow into adults. Sula (the protagonist in the novel) and her friend Nel focus on trying to understand more about their community in an attempt to comprehend who they are and the attitude that they should employ in regard to life. In spite of the fact that the two girls appreciate each-other, their backgrounds make it difficult for them to agree about their interests.

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It is very difficult for a young individual in the position of Nel or Sula to develop strength of character in an environment dominated by depression and where most people are unable to sustain themselves. The two girls are united by the fact that they are both interested in following their ideals in life. However, the fact that they are each influenced by their families makes it problematic for them to employ similar attitudes in life. Sula practically provides Nel with a way out, as the latter is unable to understand why her mother wants her to behave in a certain way. In spite of her mother's determination to provide Nel with a particular education, the child believes that it would be wrong for her to follow this path. The girl gradually comes to believe that the only method of living a good life would be for her to act in accordance with her own regulations, regardless of what people around her have to say about this.

Essay on Character Development in Toni Morrison's "Sula" Toni Assignment

Nel's home is limited by a series of standard household characteristics while Sula's home contains a series of atypical concepts. There is nothing certain about Sula's household, considering that it is run by woman in a period when women were generally discriminated and that it was constantly experiencing transformations. The houses are not only meant to put across the personalities of Sula and Nel through their inhabitants, as they also display the chances that each girl has to succeed in life through their physical structure, considering that Nel's home is well-ordered while Sula's house is in a critical shape. This concept is also likely to be used with the purpose of demonstrating the complexity of Sula's character. One cannot simply understand Sula whereas Nel is easier to comprehend and while her ideas are clear. Sula actually plays an important role in Nel's life, considering that she influences her in expressing less interest in following her mother's commands. In comparison to Sula, Nel has the freedom to choose what she can do with her life and she receives instructions from her mother with the purpose of experiencing progress. Sula is less privileged and her innocence is shattered at the moment when her mother claims that she does not like her. It is almost as if Sula is presented with intense emotions at an early time in her life while Nel is treated as a child and is supported in her endeavor to be an active member of the social order.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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