Character Development -- the Yugoslavian Essay

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You know that in my country, we know more by time we are 15…more about History and culture and things like that than anybody going to Ivy League schools are learning here, you know? She don't care about that…only thing give shit about is where she telling her friends I graduated from.

And they are all dressing like sluts…like Paris Hilton…to be noticed…to be noticed by all other men. My girlfriend always was getting me into trouble…fighting…I mean what does she expect to happen dressing like whore? Huh? She flirt with other guys all the time and I want to kick shit out them, you know? I mean, why you gonna look at other guys when you have me? They look better than me? No. They smarter than me? No. College maybe, but smart? No!

And all American women caring about is money…"Kristoff, take me out…buy me things…pay for this…pay for that!" And if you don't make enough money, then, they don't stay with you…they are always looking at guys with expensive cars…"Oh, look at that Mercedes…look at that Porsche!" In my country, you know what Mercedes is? Trucks and buses!…and Porsche is piece of shit…they have Volkswagen engines…and you know who invented Volkswagen, right? Hitler! They don't even know what good car is…I don't care about Mercedes or Porsche…when I'm professional bodybuilder or professional model…when I make professional, you know what I gonna drive? I gonna drive Lamborghinis only! Maybe Ferrari too! Ha! Then, I come back here and drive by "Hey Maria! It's Kristoff! Fuck Mercedes!" Ha!Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Character Development -- the Yugoslavian Assignment

I need nice girl…nice girl like in my country with good education…not bullshit college education…real education, you know what I mean? But she have to look good! Right? She have to look good too…I mean look at me…I am training like six days every week…sometimes two times one day to look good for them too, you know? American girls are so lazy…they don't wanna work out…"Oh, I don't want to get to much muscles!" Are you stupid? Women can't get too much muscle…look at me…I am working out twenty hours every week to gain just little, little, little bit more muscle…you think you gonna get big muscles too much from working out a little bit? Get the fuck outta here…you gotta workout too, you know? And stop eating that American shit…fucking fast food…that's why they all turn to fat American pigs by time when they are like turning 30! I mean, I want to be faithful too but come on…if you start looking like shit…I gotta go find someone better…someone like me! Right? If you gonna go out with professional bodybuilder…professional model…you also got to look good too, right? But look good classy…classy…not like American slut…classy!

When I am professional model I come back here to see all these American girls…"Hey, remember me? It's Kristoff!" I'm driving my Lamborghini, right? "Oh, how come now you don't care where I go to college from?...Now, you like me? Right? Get the fuck outta here!" I'm gonna be same Kristoff…same Kristoff but then they gonna like me. Why? Cause my money? "Now you think I'm good guy, right?" American girls…they all care only about money…about your job…they don't care about you inside…only about what you have. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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