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Since tremors range in magnitude, Richter recorded information based upon a logarithmic scale that was calibrated to the tremors produced in Southern California (Park). While modern seismographic machines record data electronically, the first seismic activities recorded utilized a pen attached to a string hung above a cylindrical drum. Seismic activity was then calculated by measuring the pen's swing in millimeters, taking its logarithm, and applying a correction for the distance between station and earthquake (Park).

With help from Gutenberg, Richter was able to extend his scaling logarithm to include seismic activity worldwide. The findings conducted by the utilization of the Richter Magnitude Scale were published in 1935 and quickly became the standard measurement for seismic activity ("Richter, Charles F. (1900-1985)"). Along with Gutenberg, Richter published Seismicity of the Earth and helped to locate epicenters around the world and classify them according to geographical region. Richter spent most of his career at Cal Tech, except for a year where he lectured at the University of Tokyo as a Fulbright scholar. Additionally, he advised government officials in Los Angeles about the imminent dangers posed by hazardous architectural ornaments; Los Angeles officials heeded his advice that would later prove to be beneficial when a major earthquake hit the city ("Richter, Charles F. (1900-1985)"). In 1958, Richter published Elementary Seismology; the textbook was based upon his lecture notes and years of data and research ("Richter, Charles F. (1900-1985)").

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Richter spent his entire life studying seismic activity. His contributions to the field have helped people around the world understand how earthquakes occur and the consequences thereof. Furthermore, Richter's contributions to the field of seismology have helped in the development and construction of safer buildings in earthquake-prone areas.

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