Charlie Fineman Who Is Played Research Paper

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Even Alan engaging in Charlie's recovery process can be considered a tactic on which basis the former can continue to have his little escapades. As far as Charlie is concerned, his defense mechanisms range from listening to music so as to shut down the outer world to more psychoanalytical strategies. He suppresses family memories and chooses to live in denial.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Paper on Charlie Fineman Who Is Played Assignment

A positive reinforcement, however unconsciously directed, is when Charlie is able to reach to Alan when he realizes that the latter does not trigger any memories that would surface Charlie's pain. Because he is able to let Alan in his life, something he had not done in a very long time, Charlie gradually sets the tone for his healing process to begin. Because Alan reintroduces him to a sociable environment, he has no choice but to confront the situation. Positive reinforcement is also Alan's behavior toward his friend who, despite manifesting occasional angry outbursts, is able to accept him accordingly and pushes for Charlie to be assessed by a professional. His perseverance in helping Charlie is what allows for the latter to experience a series of small joyful activities that will bring him closer to having to relate to someone in his suffering. One thing leading to another, Alan's attempts is what constitutes the basis for Charlie's recovery. Had the latter not met his friend, his recovering process is likely to have extended, if ever should it have occurred. From a negative reinforcement perspective, we can refer to both Alan and Charlie in multiple examples. Alan chooses to spend as much time as possible with Charlie in order to avoid having to spend time with his wife from whom he feels alienated. By doing so, he becomes more estranged from his wife who begins to suspect that her husband turns to Charlie in an attempt to relate to the latter's freedom and boyhood lifestyle. Thus, Alan only prolongs a process that would have resulted in a negative outcome, possibly his wife leaving him or himself moving away from his family. Charlie avoids his parents-in-law because he does not want them talking about his wife and daughters, a topic he knows will cause him to feel his pain consciously. He thus diverts his attention from pain by engaging in video games, sitting lonely at home in front of the TV screen. By not allowing himself to consciously assess and feel pain, he thus becomes a prisoner of his own mind, a negative step for is recovery.

In the movie, Angela Oakhurst is the therapist whom Charlie works with after the first attempt pursued by his friend Alan fails to create a connection between the community psychiatrist and the former. Angela is a competent therapist and it cannot be said about her behavior that it is unethical. However, there are some issues that can be addressed when considering a patient's attitude toward his doctor, in this case Charlie. When he shows up for his first session with Angela, he confesses that her young age is causing him to be reluctant to which Angela does not respond. He continues to remind her of this in the following two sessions. Perhaps we would expect in similar situations for therapists to ask patients whether or not they want to be referred to someone else. She reaches an impasse as Charlie's feeling of the disparity between them does not allow him to confide in his doctor. It can be suggested that this contributes to Charlie's outburst at the police which eventually leads to him being assessed by the medical health professionals appointed by the court.

Charlie's healing process began the moment he was able to admit to Alan that he needed help. It can even be suggested that it started the moment the two of them met and Charlie let him into his world. While Alan's egoist needs motivate him to help Charlie in the beginning, it becomes evident that his attitude changes as he begins to develop a bond friendship with his old roommate. It is because of the support he receives that Charlie is able… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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