Charlotte's Web Term Paper

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Charlotte's Web

In growing up, children are often robbed of not only their innocence, but also of their capacity to learn, dream and fantasize. The sad product of our society is often fully grown individuals who function only at one level of consciousness; the rational. This unfortunate state of affairs is to some explicated by E.B. White's Charlotte's Web. White clearly illustrates two very different worlds: that of Fern and her animal friends, and that of the grown-ups around them, mostly represented by Fern's parents, and to some extent by her uncle and aunt. The uncle and aunt however also serve as the connection between these two juxtaposed worlds: they provide Wilbur with a home, and Fern with the opportunity to visit him.

Fern's parents represents the world of rational utility. Pigs, for example, are meant for eating, or at most for taking to the fair so that they can win prizes. Spiders, if they are very beautiful, can be collected to look at or at worst should be killed and banished from the home. A farm is a place to that sustains the lives of the people on it, with all animals made to serve this purpose as well. Only human beings are capable of friendships and anything other than serving the life of beings higher than themselves.

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Fern's viewpoint does not adhere to this philosophy at all. She is instrumental in saving Wilbur's life when he is born, begging her father to give the pig to her. When the pig is sold to her uncle, she is allowed to visit him as often as humanly possible. In contrast to her parents, Fern sees the animals (and insects) as her friends, and communicates with them. The adults' reaction to these communications, when she tells them about it, is indicative of their general attitude towards Fern's rich world of friendship.

Term Paper on Charlotte's Web Assignment

When Fern tells her family about the conversations between Wilbur, Charlotte and herself, her mother immediately jumps to the conclusion that she may have a mental problem and should see a doctor. Her father is somewhat more lenient… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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