Chatbox Technology Term Paper

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Chatbox Technology

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Term Paper on Chatbox Technology "Agree or Disagree: Chatbox Technology Assignment

The continual improvements made in analytics, workflows and decision engines are streamlining level 1 and 2 support levels, making Chatbox technology a viable alternative for customer service. The initial beliefs in Chatbox technology taking the human element out of customer service have not materialized as many critics initially thought. Instead the focus on face-time and making the most of every customer experience and interaction has become more commonplace. What has also emerged is the finding that customers self-select automated support channels based on the market segments they are members of. Technology early adopters for example self-select these more automated channels of communication, based on their unique needs and familiarity and trust of automation (Edwards, 2008). Chatbox technology is well-suited for primary customer service and support initiatives and programs, yet cannot scale effectively for more advanced service recovery efforts over time. Chatbox technologies also tend to break down when there are several different decision points or junctures in logic that must be supported in a given customer interaction as well (Beverland, Kates, Lindgreen, Chung, 2010). Despite all of these limitations however, Chatbox technology can provide a highly scalable and secured approach to solving customer issues that are relatively straight-forward and simple from an interaction standpoint, where there are a series of primary decisions to be made by the customer looking for support. The greatest contributions Chatbox technology has made is in automating level 1 responses while creating a much greater level of personalization and rpaid response to relative simple, predictable customer problems over time (Edwards, 2008). Companies are also using Chatbox technology to capture critically important data for their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems while also reducing the costs per transaction at a very significant reduction rate. In… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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