Che Guevara Book Review on Companero Research Proposal

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Che Guevara

Book Review on Companero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara by Jorge G. Castaneda

Marxist, guerilla fighter, saint, murderer or a martyr are just some of the description one would say when come across with the name of Che Guevara. The life and death of Ernesto "Che" Guevara de la Serna by Jorge G. Castaneda was very well presented in the book from the different proceedings he was involved throughout his life, his radical journey and the usual attacks from asthma, to his outstanding guidance during battles and his persistent belief in the use of armed struggle to carry out the avant-garde reasons for his actions. Jose G. Castaneda detailed with accuracy every occurrence he mentioned throughout the book and complemented it with an affinity of providing both the optimistic and pessimistic events dealings and way of life of Che Guevara.

He reveals the true "Che" in the book and it turned out to be a detailed research of Che Guevara's life from birth to death. It depicts him as a susceptible adoring person persuaded by his mother and committed to justice. The book is not a romanticized view or one compassionate of the conformist establishment. We see Che Guevara and it helps out our perception in this person who remains a symbol of the fight against cruelty.

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Jose G. Castaneda starts the book in the very beginning of Argentina and meticulously archives each and every move all through his life. He mentioned Guevara's parents came from a relatively well to do Argentine family and Guevara never knew the actual meaning of poverty and had the basic self-assurance of those who are born into an elite. The severe asthma he developed early on assured him of the deep love and anxious concern of his mother and gave him the determination to overcome the difficulties in his life. Che was unsullied, youthful, virile, eyes on fire with boldness and he stares out athwart time, lively as ever in the minds and hearts of the social and political idealists.

Research Proposal on Che Guevara Book Review on Companero: The Assignment


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