Che Guevara Social Inequalities, Great Discrepancies Term Paper

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Che Guevara

Social inequalities, great discrepancies between the very wealthy and the incredibly poor are as present in today's society as they were 50 years ago. Che Guevara's revolutionary ideal of eliminating "man's exploitation of man" is still relevant today even though communist parties have been outlawed in most former communist states in Europe. Nevertheless, social equality and the profound revolutionary spirit of Che Guevara are very much alive in Latin America, a continent which is defined by great social segregation and turmoil. Che Guevara's ideal was a Cuban revolution that would resemble and continue other communist revolutions of the 20th century, i.e. The Chinese and the Russian which he had studied in detail.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Che Guevara Social Inequalities, Great Discrepancies Between Assignment

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara de la Serna was born in 1928 in Argentina in a financially secure family with aristocratic roots but devout to socialist values. From the early years, Ernesto was keen on reading and closely follows the Spanish Civil War. His favorite readings included Sartre, Marx, Lenin and Engels which he would later re-discover and discuss with his friend and member of the Argentine Communist Youth, Tita. His admission into the University of Buenos Aires where he would study Medicine did… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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