Checks and Pre-Employment Screening Research Paper

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¶ … Pre-Employment Screening

Background checks or pre-employment screening can provide an employer with the ability to recruit quality, talented employees and avoid poor performers, theft issues, workplace violence and potential lawsuits. In that regard, the relevance of background checks cannot be overstated.

Background Checks: Overview

In basic terms, pre-employment screening can be defined as a move by an employer to investigate the background of a job applicant so as to confirm that the claims made by the said applicant are accurate. In so doing, the employer may also look into the job applicant's possible criminal history. Increasingly, employers are making use of pre-employment screening in an attempt to ensure they get the most suitable employees to fill various positions. According to a survey conducted last year, "two-thirds (69%) of organizations reported that they conduct criminal background checks on all of their job candidates" (Society for Human Resource Management - SHRM, 2013). Various reasons exist for employee screening.

Reasons for Conducting Pre-employment Screening

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To begin with, the nature and sensitivity of some positions within an organization may require that the position holder be an individual of unquestionable integrity. Indeed, as Berkowitz (2013) points out, there are some federal as well as state laws that require employers to conduct pre-employment screening for some job categories. Background checks can amongst other things help reveal if an individual has in the past been involved in criminal activities deemed illegal, etc. Similarly, through the utilization of background checks, companies can be assured that the employees they hire have the required training and expertise in the relevant areas. This could be done by way of verifying the information supplied by a job applicant in his or her resume.

Research Paper on Checks and Pre-Employment Screening Assignment

It is also important to note that to reduce their chances of being held responsible for employee misdeeds; some employers may consider making pre-employment screening part of the hiring process. According to Walsh (2006), employers could in some instances be held responsible for their employee's actions. In the words of the author, "the common law doctrine of respondent superior ("let the master answer") makes employers liable for harm to others that occurs when employees act within the scope of their employment" (Walsh, 2006). In that regard, employers who hire incompetent workers could be held responsible for the negligent actions of such employees. To avoid this, some employers choose to embrace employee screening practices.

Pre-employment screening could also enhance a company's performance by helping the company identify would-be poor performers during the hiring process. According to the United States Department of Labor - DOL (2013), a U.S. Postal Service study clearly indicated that workers whose pre-employment drug tests were positive were more likely to be absent from work or dismissed from the workplace than those whose tests came back negative.

Common Pre-Employment Screenings

There are quite a number of pre-employment screenings employers could embrace in an attempt to ensure that they hire reliable and untainted employees. These include but they are not in any way limited to credit reports, criminal history screening, academic credentials check, driving record, etc.

Credit reports present an individual's selected financial information including but not limited to liens, credit standing as well as amounts owed. Driving records on the other hand could contain critical information regarding a job applicant's license status as well as traffic violations. Next, an academic credentials check is meant to be a verification tool especially in regard to the specific schools attended, degrees awarded, etc. Criminal history screening could provide information relating to a job applicant's past criminal convictions, involvement in activities of a criminal nature, i.e. drug trafficking, etc.


It is however important to note that regardless of the relevance of background checks, the information made available after the conduction… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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