Chemistry Problems Acids and Bases Chapter

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Chemistry Problems

Copper (II) hydroxide (used as a pigment) is insoluble in water

BaBr2 (used to make photographic compounds) is soluble in water

Silver carbonate (used as a laboratory reagent) is soluble in water

Pb3(PO4)2 (used as a stabilizing agent in plastics) is insoluble in water

Upon colliding with a water molecule (H2O), the hydrofluoric acid molecule (HF), an H+ is available to transfer to the water molecule. This creates a hydronium ion (H3O+) along with a flouride ion (F-), which is often formed in reverse when it reacts with hydronium ions that attach and pull H+ ions as it tries to reform HF and H2O. Both sets of reactions, regular and reverse, occur simultaneously and continuously within the solution until they reach an equal rate, where there are no additional changes to the numbers of HF, H2O, F-, or H3O+.

a. Oxyacid

b. Polyatomic ionic compound

c. Polyatomic Ionic compound

d. Binary Ionic compound

e. Binary acid

f. binary Ionic compound

g. Binary Covalent compound

59. a. Strong Acid

b. Weak Base

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