Chemistry Through Veterinary Medicine Term Paper

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It is not an anti-anxiety drug and does not relieve pain; rather, it acts as a "chemical restraint" without affecting the dog's emotions (Kelley). In sum, Molly-on-Acepromazine feels just as fearful and aggressive as ever but cannot do anything about it, which would help a veterinarian who must handle Mollie but would also give Mollie a heapin' helpin' of torture. According to, veterinarians do not completely understand how the drug works but they do know it "involves blockage of dopamine nerve receptors in the brain" (Richards). What is worse, at least one authority believes that the chemical/physical restraint makes the dog associate the pills negatively with the whole fear/aggression situation, which can make Mollie even more fearful and aggressive on her next veterinary visit (Kelley). Acepromazine is not only a chemical restraint; it is also a "dissociative agent" that harms Mollie's ability to logically understand her environment, so it greatly increases her fear. A "Pain Management Guidelines Task Force for the AAHA/AAFP goes even further, stating that Acepromazine can actually "disinhibit aggression," making the dog more dangerous; therefore, the Task Force says that Acepromazine should not be used to control fear or anxiety (AAHA/AAFP Pain Management Guidelines Task Force 243).

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Despite all these negative aspects, characterized as "significant effects that must be considered" (Richards), maintains that Acepromazine "works often enough that many vets will try this approach first. We do this when we think it has a chance of helping make an office visit go easier" (Richards). Right: the office visit goes easier for you, Mr. / Ms. Vet; not for Mollie. After researching this drug and its torturous effects, there is no way that I would allow a veterinarian to use it on my dog.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Chemistry Through Veterinary Medicine the Assignment

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