Chi-Square Test Research Proposal

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Chi-square test is used to test whether is a significant difference between the predicted and observed frequencies for a nominal variable. Statistical significance is reached when there is a significant difference. For example, if provider skill and knowledge had no impact on the prevalence of adolescent risky behavior then the expectation would be that there would be no difference in the prevalence substance abuse between the intervention and control groups. If the intervention is effective, however, the chi-square test could reach significance. The main limitation of the chi-square test is that the sample size cannot be too small. If the sample size drops to 5 or below, the chi-square should not be used.

T-Test for Independent Groups

The t-test is appropriate for comparing two means for an interval variable, but only if the observations are normally distributed and the group variances are equal. The t-test is fairly insensitive to small deviations from these assumptions, but if the distributions are very non-normal or the variances very unequal then the Mann-Whitney U test or Welch's t-test can be used, respectively. The t-test cannot be used to compare the means of a variable having more than three groups.

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Research Proposal on Chi-Square Test Is Used to Assignment

The research aim of the proposal is to test whether cultural competency training for non-African-American primary care providers can have a positive impact on the incidence of risky behavior in African-American female adolescents, the group with the highest risk for HIV (Aronowitz & Eche, 2013). The dependent variables are age of sexual debut, incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), substance abuse, condom use, and depression. The independent variable is the intervention, which consists of provider cultural competency training supplemented with selected reading materials. The provider demographic variables will be age, gender, education level, years in nursing, years in primary care, years serving multi-racial communities, years serving low-income communities, and prior cultural competency training.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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