Chicago: Planning and Urban Life Term Paper

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Chicago has used technology in order to put up urban farming. With the renovated housing, Chicago's equity will go up because with modernization comes increase in economy. Industries in Chicago are being built every day. This will bring employment, and the returns will be increased too. When it comes to taxation, the Chicago local government has been particular and this has brought in a lot of income (Hak, 7).

What obstacles do you see in making cities more sustainable and how can you as an individual contribute to positive change?

Various factors limit the development of cities hence reduces chances of sustainability of these regions. The first obstacle against sustainability is insufficient funds. This limits the development of facilities such as schools, healthcare centers, parking areas, drainage systems, and transport infrastructures. These facilities are critical towards the development of the city hence in their absence constant degree of growth characterizes the cities. The second obstacle is the lack of environmental factors that prevent pollution directed towards the surrounding. The third obstacle is the lack of sufficient social amenities within the city. Inadequate power and water supply minimizes chances of development of the city. Lack of equity within the city is also a challenge faced towards sustainability of the region. Insufficient empowerment of women is also an obstacle towards the development of the city hence affects the sustainability of the region (Verena Winiwarter, et al., p.1-14).

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As an individual, in order to contribute towards positive change within the city, one should ensure fresh environment through planned and systematic dumping system. Avoidance of illegal consumption of social amenities thus contributing fully towards the development of the city should motivate an individual. Encouragement of equity and empowerment of women programs and policies should guide an individual towards making positive change within the city. An individual should also apply extra efforts towards the development of the economy through hard work within the employment sector.


Term Paper on Chicago: Planning and Urban Life Assignment

Sustainability is crucial in all urban areas. The environmental, social, economical, are all-important areas that enable to facilitative the growth and maintenance of an urban centre. The areas have been of major concern because theories have been put up for the last decade. With all the areas discussed earlier being put into consideration, Chicago city can grow faster that the big cities of New York and others. The people around or the community in general should be willing to play part in these developments. The government alone cannot succeed on its own. Maximized use of idle land will facilitate the sustainability. This was clearly shown earlier when the Chicago mayor caught the bull by its horns and restructured Chicago. The results are great and this shows that the leaders we elect play a major role in this sustainability. The housing population is higher than the standard suburbs and this is a setback that should be looked into. The land use should also be diversified so that the idol land can be put to use. Walk ways should also be added in order to reduce the delays on the roads. The community should be supportive and engaged in these developments too. The local government will need to put in equity for these developments to take place and this becomes the question of the chicken and egg because they will need money to make money in order to sustain the urban area of Chicago. A lot of research is required in order for them to succeed. They should do a comparative research with other big cities before drawing conclusions.

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