Chicano Youth Term Paper

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Chicano Youths are very vulnerable and can always be the target of various forms of temptations. Their behaviors and personalities are can easily be affected by different forms of media.

It should be noted that Chicano youths, like the normal Chicanos, value their faith the most. They have very strong faith to God and would always consider praying before making any big decisions concerning their lives and their families. Chicanos youths are also very competitive in nature. This is brought by the fact that most of the Chicanos are into sports, like boxing. If they reached the right age, they would always train themselves to be one of the country's strongest fighters.

However, the above-statement attributes are just the positive side of the Chicano youth. Their negative side, on the other hand, includes naivety and being hungry to freedom and wealth. Most Chicano youths are ignorant on some realities of life. They can be easily persuaded to do things that they have just seen from others. Their attention can easily grabbed by what they have seen in the media.

Moreover, most Chicano youths are products of the low to average earning families. Their country itself is not among the highest earnings in terms of Gross Domestic Product. This made them want to earn more so that they can have more. They are very hungry for wealth. Chicano youths used to think that becoming rich will provide them with much freedom to do anything that they want or to buy anything that they aspire.

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These combined positive and negative attributes of the Chicano youths makes them a better target for the negative impacts of video gaming.

Video game is one form of media that allows one person to play a role of a certain character in the game. Most common forms of video games include killings of the enemies, leveling up the power by acquiring more strength from various other forces and/or doing some stunts which normal human beings cannot do.

Term Paper on Chicano Youth Assignment

Video gaming provides negative impact to the psychological, mental and psycho-social status of the teens. First, this form of media is an exaggerated representation of various kinds of emotions of real human beings. This game is so addicting that the players would normally tend to think that what they have been playing are part of their real lives. Emotions of the players are affected. They feel angry when somebody has overpowered them on the game. They feel angry when there are enemies popping up in the video screen. Players feel extremely happy if they are able to kill the enemies or overpower the other players. Needless, to say, as the teens continuously play with the video game, they tend to have strong emotional attachment with the character they are playing and will eventually lead… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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