Child Abuse and Sexuality Research Paper

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, 2001; Parsons et al., 2005).

CSA, when compared to other men who have not been a victim of this abuse, exhibit a few sexual behaviors which include: greater amount of sex partners, sexual promiscuity, compulsive sexual behavior and an earlier sexual debut. A few studies highlighted the fact that men who have been a victim of CSA and showed sexual preference for other men had a greater chance of being inflicted with the HIV infection (Paul et al., 2001). Furthermore, increasing amount of studies have gone on to highlight that such men are likely to carry out practices, such as unprotected anal sex, that would enhance the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially HIV (Kalichman et al., 2001; O'Leary, Purcell, Gomez, Remien, & the Seropositive Urban Men's Study Team, 2003; Parsons et al., 2005).

Some data also supports the fact that MSM who have been a victim of CSA may dabble in a profession like prostitution or are likely to give sex in return for financial gains or drugs (DiIorio, Hartwell, & Hansen, 2002). Some studies have also produced the result that female prostitutes are more likely to be a victim of CSA as compared to other people. Quite a few studies have primarily focused on male prostitutes that have been a victim of CSA, but even those studies that are present to date have aimed for street-based prostitution (Valera, Sawyer, & Schiraldi, 2001; Parsons et al., 2005).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Child Abuse and Sexuality There Assignment

Majority of the past researches have been aimed at 'hustlers' when trying to understand the physical and psychological health of the male prostitutes. Agencies that have been functioning for almost 20 years cater to homosexual men by supplying male escorts. Similarly individual male escorts have been in the market for 20 years, aiming at homosexual men by publicizing the facilities they provide through magazines and newspapers. Some also become models, body workers or masseurs. The emergence of the internet has allowed for better communication between the escorts and their customer. The escorts publicize by providing the customers with their pictures and all the facilities they provide, their customers contact them through email or chat rooms (Parsons et al., 2005).

Escorts that use the internet for publicizing their facilities are very different from the street-based prostitutes. The use of the internet benefit the escorts in several ways which includes that they can be far more choosy about the kind of customers they want, organize their schedule that best suits them and can demand a higher price for the services rendered. The street-based prostitutes, on the contrary, are more likely to suffer from the risk of violence, being arrested or not being remunerated for the services rendered. The impact of the CSA may be different for these internet-based escorts. The HIV risk also varies between the escorts and other sex workers. Studies have demonstrated that male prostitutes have a higher probability of using protective measures like condoms when having a sexual intercourse with their customers and less probability of using condoms when carrying out sex with non-paying partners (Estcourt, Marks, Rohrsheim, Johnson, Donovan, & Mindel, 2000; Minichiello et al., 2000; Ziersch, Gaffney, & Tomlinson, 2000; Parsons et al., 2005).


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