Child Abuse Research Paper

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Child Abuse

All types of Child Abuse and neglect leave lasting scars and significant impacts on the children. Some of the scars might be physical in nature and some emotional. Scarring has lifelong effects and is damaging to a child's sense of itself and the capability to have healthy relationships. Of course, just because one sees a warning sign doesn't automatically mean that a child is being abused. it's important to look further for a pattern of abusive behavior and warning signs. If one notices that something is off, they should then go and involve authorities in order to prevent further harm to the child (Saisan, Smith, & Segal, 2009).

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Child abuse is often defined as an assortment of abnormal behaviors directed against children. It can take many forms. Child abuse is seen as a psychological dilemma or perversion of the abuser. Child abuse consists of the following conditions: child sexual abuse, pedophilia, child neglect, physical abuse, emotional neglect and failure to thrive. Child sexual abuse contains any action that uses a child to generate sexual gratification. Although the touching of children as a sign of affection and for hygiene is considered normal and necessary, there are ways in order to distinguish ordinary touching from child sexual abuse. The key is the meaning put forth by the perpetrator to be sexually stimulated by the action or the intention to create sexual arousal in others. The aim to use children in any way to create sexual arousal is measured to be illegal. This is criminal behavior that is often prosecuted and severely punished by the law (Child Abuse, 2010).

Research Paper on Child Abuse All Types of Child Abuse Assignment

Physical abuse of children is described as extreme intentional physical injury to a child or severe corporal punishment of a child. Torture, assault and beatings of children are all types of physical abuse. Corporal punishment by parents is in question to evaluation and explanation. Spanking with a hand and other forms of soft physical punishment that do not leave any marks are thought to be within the area of parental discretion. Punishment that leads to marks that last for more an extended period of time is thought to be abuse, despite the intention. The use of any items to strike a child is considered wrong. This includes belts, paddles, and sticks, along with any other object. A family custom of beatings or the fact that the parent was subjected to physical abuse as a child is not an satisfactory excuse for severely injuring a child (Child Abuse, 2010).

There are numerous theories and styles associated with child rearing. Typically, these are psychological templates that approach different parenting situations in unique ways based on a child's behavior, the situation, and even life-stages. Parenting styles are affected by both parents' and children's disposition, often based on the parent's own issues with their childhood (Harris, 1998). The similarity one has for one's own cultural values and child- rearing practices sometimes conflict with the legal definition of child abuse and neglect. Research often indicates that adult's parent as they have been reared (Campbell, 2005).

Raising children can be a very successful and satisfying practice. But without basic parenting skills, the task can be difficult and frustrating. Discipline can take on the form of structured upbringing, rules, and boundaries, not just bodily punishment and obedience. Love is the balancing behavior to Discipline. Both… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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