Child Development Evaluating Essay

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The writer herself is a doctor and with the inclusion of opinion of other experts and their scientific findings this topics becomes more interesting and answers our question as to why most of us are not able to recall our early childhood memories (Klass).

The theoretical perspective that the author seem to use are biological and psychoanalytic. This can also be seen in the experts' point-of-view and in the scientific findings included in this article. At one point, we are told in this article that due to revolutionary reasons babies have to go through an extensive learning process, which indicates biological perspective, and on the other hand, we see in this article that memory test of two different children belonging to two different cultures showed different results which shows the presence of psychoanalytic perspective.

The author concludes her article by saying that development of memory, development of language, development of consciousness, development of personality and development of personality narrative all occurs side by side and seem to complement each other.

In my opinion, the conclusion seem to be valid because if we try recalling our childhood memories we will notice the strong presence of language skills, consciousness and personality and together all these things helps us in making sense of what we have recalled and how it can be related to us.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Child Development Evaluating Child Development Assignment

Overall, this article has informative implications for children and families. Beside this, it is highly important for parents because they are the one who give most time to their kids and if they once in a while sit with their kids and discuss past events to see how far their child memory can go then the distance of memory retrieval between grown ups and early childhood may be reduced (Klass). This might also help in the better grooming and personality development of our child as the child will be able to understand him in a much better way thus benefitting to the society as a whole (Papalia, Feldman and Feldman, pg 456).

In spite of the fact that the author has put in a very decent effort but there is still a room for more research to be included which can result in a much stronger and clear-cut conclusion. As after reading this article we still cannot determine the actual cause, for the failure to recall our earlier childhood memories and whether it has something to do with the human body and development of brain or, it is due to the external environmental factors exerted upon us during our childhood or, could it be the combination of all these factors (Papalia, Feldman and Feldman, pg 456).

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