Essay: Child Development There Is an Extreme Deficiency

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Child Development

There is an extreme deficiency within the beliefs of nativist and behavioralist conceptions of the nature of development within the growing mind. Nativists believe the concept that development and influence comes directly from within. This thinking describes a much more internal version of the growing child, whereas behavioralists see it a much different way. According to behaviorists like Vygotsky, "The child solves an inner problem by means of exterior objects," (Vygotsky 1929). The external world dominates development through influence on mental development. Therefore, the culture has a large role within development. This is in contrast to the nativist view that development is independent of external factors, and would happen the same therefore, in all of us.

Therefore, Vygotsky's theories are much different to other prominent ideas which try to explain the nature of natural development within children. According to Vygotsky, "social interaction leads to continuous step-by-step changes in children's thought and behavior and that can very greatly from culture to culture," (Gallagher 1999). Thus, the social world is a powerful influence within the development of the child within it. Development, itself, "depends on interaction with people and the tools that the culture provides to help form their own view of the world," (Gallagher 1999). Therefore, language is fundamental in the developmental process within the context of Vygotsky's theory. Knowledge is self-constructed through observation of social interaction. Much different, was the views of Jean Piaget. His theory focuses on the cognitive influence on a child's development. According to Piaget, development… [END OF PREVIEW]

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