Child Development Health Reflections Essay

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I thought about all the imbalanced and frankly, screwed up, adults that I know or encounter on a daily basis, and how a child development course for them or for their teachers would have gone a long way into making them more healthy. The epiphany was how great an impact proper and balanced child development can have upon us at all stages of human development.

After several weeks of child development coursework, I am still further interested in very early development, from birth to 5 years old, and adolescence. I have always been interested in very young children and adolescents. I additionally have a lot of sympathy for adolescents in the 21st century because of social media, and really, the kind of world we live in overall. I always felt that teenagers often got a bad rap or had lots of negative stereotypes unnecessarily projected onto them, as well as that a lot of issues that adults have often stem from those periods of development. I am interested in teaching preschool and high school as well, so that is one way my interest intersects with my professional goals.

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I am more attuned to what stages of development children are in and am in a better position to assess their development in specific areas, and overall. I can also better infer what kind of school and home environments children occupy as well, based on their development and skills. I am also more in tune with how I would approach helping children develop holistically, and in specific areas. I feel like I know and understand children better. I feel as if they can pick up on my deeper or better understanding of what they are going through and I have noticed how increasingly comfortable children have become with me since I have experienced change and growth in my child development knowledge.


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Essay on Child Development Health Reflections on Assignment

Piramide. (2012). Educating the Whole Child. The Piramide Approach to Early Learning, Web, Available from:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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